Ok I have been really rubbish with updates, like I have loads to share and I'm constantly doing something new with doll stuff... but I'm too lazy to actually update @_@ hence why it's like once a month that I update DX

I honestly am trying, like trying really hard. I wanna get a part time job so that I can have more time to work on art and dolls. But yeah... as it is... I don't really wanna quit my current job without finding a new one. Anyway, before I mumble on and on about it, I will be merging my drawings and BJD work together into one blog again XD, I know I know, I separated it before and now I'm merging them together. But I figured that I might as well because to be honest, drawing and dolls are both very much a big part of my creative side. I won't delete my drawing pad blog, but I won't be updating it anymore, not that anyone was paying attention to it hahahaha~!! But this has also been bought about by the fact that I have a facebook page which features both, so I might as well keep it all together. Oh and here have a link to the facebook group~

So lets move onto what I've been up to, my commissions are filling up really fast these days, which is great~ And I must say thank to so many people for coming to me, and for also being so patient with waiting for me~ I shall do my best to continue the hard work~ Much love sent out to you~!!

Right! So first would be Dollmore Kid Sun Tan Momo~ She was so sweet to work on =D I like this sort of light tan skin, it makes me want my own~ And well it reminds me of the Switch Soseo in Tan @_@ I really want one!! I think I will be hawking the MP for one DX Big time sad face. But but here are some pictures!!

I realised I didn't take many pictures of the feet, which I probably should have before I sent the girl back to her owner =P oh well~ I will hopefully be able to work on more tanned dolls in the future~ And will take plenty of pictures yah? =D

Next up are the tiniest face plates I have ever worked, like EVER!!! Hahahahaha! It was a good challenge, I made use of my small brushes which was good, and it really did challenge my line work~ Which I have a love hate relationship with *sighs* sometimes I love it sometimes I hate it, can never win I tell you!

I had a picture of one of the face plates next to a two pence penny and whoa it was tiny!! Like just about the size of a two pence penny. So yeah... line work made me a bit dizzy hahahahahaah but I enjoyed it, at least now I know I can do it, and I can take more commissions like this n_n

Finally on the commission front will be a back tattoo, this is the most recent thing I've done.

It made me look more into tattoos, I really wanna tattoo someone up. Completely cover them up hahahaha! However my type of tattoos are really more tribal, Celtic, patterned, symbol styled stuff, but I also wanna throw in colour, I wanna make more like pieces of art tatooos. Hahaha however my style of drawing and my skills aren't really up to it and it's not my usual type of style. But no one ever said that I couldn't add to my skills and level up eh? So I will hopefully work on that in the near future.

So now onto more personal dollie front, I have had two new additions to my lot and also also also!! I have been wig making tadah!! Yush! I have been making fur wigs!

The last two in those pictures are my new additions~ A Minifee Breakaway and a boy Celine!! =B I really like them both! The Breakaway is called Tsukiyomi and my Celine is called Eliseo~ They both need clothes and more work to be done on them~ I have very little time TT^TT which makes me quite sad. But hopefully I'll find time to do things and get it all sorted and and and and *breathes* there is a lot of blue hahahah! As you can probably tell, I really like blue =D


  1. Oh, gosh! You are so talented!!! Yeah, this tattoo looks really good and profesional (if i were a BJD, i'd be your cuztomer XD). And this tanned doll, and thelittle ones... I love little bjd!!! I don't wish you many posts, but always as magnificent, as this!


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