So.... Hi~!
Yeah... I've been real lazy, I just really can't be arsed these days. I can't really seem to keep up with everything, I am also getting hot and cold feet about not using my art blog and mixing everything together, so I think I will keep it separate for now. Yeah yeah yeah, I know. Jatzu you're god damn fickle!

Ok so I have a few commission updates to share with you guys, only a few, I will try and remember what order I did them in... why? because I can't remember LOL!

So what is first? Narae Narin N406, I've always quite liked the Narae sculpts, I wouldn't personally own one but they are indeed very beautiful sculpts~ They are fairly similar to Zaoll in my opinion, but that's just me hahahaha!

The owner wanted a dreamy girly kinda look but still wanted the doll to still have a masculine sorta look, I don't think I achieved that very well apart from the dreamy kinda look hahaha! Still looks like a girl to me =x but oh well, the owner was happy so I'm all happy if they are =D

Next is Fairyland Littlefee Lisa, I did this one for a friend who was giving it to a friend as a gift =D well the face up was a gift LOL! Anyway, they wanted a light face up nothing too heavy cause I blush quite heavy so I had to really hold back on EVERYTHING!

Bless this cute grumpy, even the line work was really light @_@ tough I tell you! But anyway I'm just glad that the owner liked it =D

Next, next, next! Aquarius Mia, another tanned little one, I'm getting quite a few tanned ones through to me which is great! Cause I do like the skin colour =D But I wanna experiment more with this skin tone, I'm sure there are loads of colour schemes that can be used for it. This also makes me wanna get an airbrush, but I need to save up I guess hahaha oh and find the space for it DX my room is a tip I got a lot of crap in here hahaha!

She photographs so well~ Makes me wanna huggle her! But yeah I forgot to add moles, I totally forgot the owner asked for them, so I added them afterwards, which is no hassle =D But she looks even cuter with them~ What a cutey~

This next one was a slight challenge but a very welcomed one! Why? Cause it was to give a doll a very anime style face up =D Which as said was a slight challenge, it was more so the bottom eye lid liner that was the challenge and then the eye lashes as well, I couldn't really do the full on lashes as that would have looked too much and everything would be very much lost. So I did a minimal amount which worked on this lil one~

Yeah she looks weird with just one eye in, these were the only eyes that I had which suited her, but guess what? I could only put one in as the other wouldn't fit in XD They were too big for her small head hahahaha! But yeah it was just to give an idea of what she would look like with some eyes in n_n

Luts Kid Delf Pine~ I've not seen this sculpt before, and I didn't ask the owner what sculpt it was either hahahaha I had to look around XD But yeah, she was like a lil pouty one~

That's it on the commission front, I still got a load to work on so hopefully I'll be able to kick myself into gear and upload them here as well.

So in my last post I briefly mentioned having 2 new dolls =D well lets correct that, it's actually 3 new dolls now! I'll introduce them a little bit, 2 of them are brand new brand new as in the characters are new =D

So first up is Tsukiyomi, now I've got a bit of history with this boy. He originally belonged to a close friend of mine, whom I haven't really been in contact with for the past 3 years. It's kinda sad really, I mean the first time I do manage to contact her is when she's selling her collection cause she needed the money. So I'm glad that I managed to adopt this lil guy, I was a massive fan of her aesthetic work, she doesn't do BJD stuff no more, so her work is very rare.

Just a few pictures from when I did a small box opening~ Her work still looks great, I do wonder how good she would be if she had kept up with it. I think it would be absolutely amazing! Oh before I forget this boy is a Fairyland Minifee Breakaway, and those hooves are from angelheim if I remember correctly they don't fit him very well as they are too small for his joints, so I'm thinking of making him some new knee joints, but I've been lazy so that will need to wait.

Right 2nd new one would be Keayo, this boy has had so many renames hahaha I originally called him Kiyoshi, then a friend pointed out that I had a lot of Japanese names in my crew and I was like yeah I do... especially recently. So I was like right I don't want another Japanese name, nothing wrong with it by the way, I just prefer that I didn't have too many of the same hahaha I like variety. Anyway I then changed it to Eliseo... and that just didn't stick, so I went I will use Kiyo, but spell is differently Keayo. Key for short. And that is sticking! Lol unless I feel the need to change it again, but I'll see what happens.

This boy still needs some more work, I wanna blush his hands and feet. But yeah again that will need to wait, I just love taking my time hahahaha! I'm also proud to say that he was the first Fairyland Minifee Celine boy to arrive =D and he is 1 out of 2 that is around. Well... as far as I know there are only currently 2 that are around. He's my cute lil cheeky thing haha~ Don't be deceived by the cuteness!

And last but not least, this one came as a massive surprise even for me. A while back I missed out on getting my mitts on a certain doll and I was completely gutted about it, but I managed to convince myself that I was fine without it, but then the urge just kept on coming back, and I had some hope when there was a glitch on the company's website. Then I got disappointed again. So I decided, that was it! I am going to put up a WTB thread, and not too long afterwards my request got answered and I TOTALLY MANAGED TO GET MY STINKING MITTS ON THIS BADASS DOLL!!!!


He totally has that "I'm an asshole" smirk~ I took this guy on holiday with me and I painted him up when I had the time to. I did the face up in pretty low light, so I was worried that it wouldn't look as good, but it turned out alright surprisingly =D

And finally I shall leave you with some pictures I shot like just now, I wanted to get some shots to show you guys and got a bit carried again =P