Ldoll Excitement

OMG I am bricking it!

It is less then one week and I will be at Ldoll, with a table, with some friends! (Hollie of Lunchboxx Designs, Lauren and Krowbar)
I am having a pre-nervous breakdown over it, I'm also starting to panic about other stuff that is happening there!

But this post isn't about that~!! I have our table position~

If anyone here is attending Ldoll come say hi to us~ I'd really appreciate it n_n we're called 'The Lunchboxx Cahoots' 

I'll have some pretty hairbands for sale which I showed a picture of last time but here have a picture of Pyrrhus wearing one =D

They'll be all different styles, and I have three sizes, SD, MSD and YoSD. My stock is mainly SD though so get em whilst you can for MSD and YoSD =D Pyrrhus will be at Ldoll with me too~ I bought her last year from Ldoll so I thought that it was only fitting that she came with me this year n_n

I have a few dolls for sale, not a huge amount cause I like keeping my collection for a long time before actually selling them off DX so only a few =D They all have aesthetic work done by me n_n so they look all prettified =D

First up is Soom Obsidius Fantasy NS head~

Next is a Fairyland Minifee Siean NS head~

And last but not least Soom Lami Human NS~ This little one will come with it's original box, cushion and paperwork~

I'll be offering up sketches too~
They can be of your dolls or of you n_n Will be a mixture of A5 and A4 size~ A5 will be colourful paper where as A4 will just be plain white n_n but yush~ Do come to check us out because there should be quite a selection of stuff there n_n

I'll have some of my crew there too =D As you already know Pyrrhus is going to be there, I'm also bringing Fen and Koit with me n_n my current favourites hahaha~! So come and say hi to them too~ I'm sure they will be happy to see you guys, I'll also have like a 'sign me' book so that I can have some memories from other people there too n_n Not done one before but it will be good hahaha!

So yeah, there you go. I SHALL SEE ALL OF YOU AT LDOLL~