Speed of light~!

Just really quickly hahaha~!!

I do have loads of updates to share with you guys, again I have been a bit on the slacking side. Can't deny that yet again it has been busy but!! Big big but! I have been preparing for Ldoll!!


I will be there this year, I'm table sharing with a few friends~ We're working as a collaborative just for this event, calling ourselves 'The Lunchbox Cahoots'

The name itself works around Lunchboxx (Facebook) should check it out and like it~!! She does some pretty cute stuff and not only in doll size~ SHE DOES IT IN HUMAN SIZE TOO!!! So definitely give it a check out~

Another friend Lauren is making a lot of dollie stuff too~ Unfortunately she doesn't have any form of online presence that I can share with you guys, which is a shame, cause she definitely deserves some more loving~!! Once she does though I will share with you guys~

But yeah~! I will be there offering some sketches of people's dolls~ Really simple sketches n_n and will also be selling some flowery hairbands/hair ribbons, don't really know what to call them lol~! But in general I will be working away at painting up some personal projects =D

Don't have a table spot yet, hopefully will find out soon~ But yush do keep an eye out here and on my Facebook page, I will try and keep both relatively updated for the event =D

Oh oh oh~! Here have a picture of the hairbands/ribbons =D I don't have a sketch yet, trying to figure out how to draw big on A4 cause I usually draw on A5 LOL! Jatzu is a bit screwed~! Oh and and and! I will have a couple of heads for sale as well as a full doll~ I need to do them up~ But again I will update here soon to show you guys or check out my Flickr =D I think I need to link that here... I WILL DO THAT LATER~