I'm starting to run out of titles for these entries, which I don't think really matters at this very moment. But! What have I to share?? I have been back from Ldoll for about 2 weeks now, I know, why didn't I update sooner? Because I was so damn tired after it. Like my body died a bit and was like I need to rest up big time, and then I got a bit meh with work and yeah... life is one great big ball of stress. Well mine is at the moment, especially towards the end of the year hahahaha! Such as life right?

Anyway first first first! I shall share with you my Ldoll experience, I have to say my oh my was it an experience. There was drama, stress, emotions and just everything flying everywhere!! Even I was feeling the high of it, so much so I will admit that I did break during this trip, and ever since coming back, I'm still a bit broken, so... be nice to me XD (yeah right... I already broke again...)

I met lots and I mean lots of wonderful people, they were all so nice, and it was just so nice talking to all of them~ So thank you so much for those whom attended~ I had much fun~ It's made me learn that I shouldn't be afraid of just talking to people, and should just strike up a conversation. A friend said to me that he will say hi to anyone who looks him in the eye, hahaha~ I think it's a great way to go about it and I think I'll start adopting that habit, well bit by bit.

Pictures~ Yush I know I know you wanna see the pictures~ So have at em~!!! Oh, just to say, I didn't get a lot of pictures, I had to run around on Sunday morning trying to get as many pictures as possible before being bound at the table again. So I do apologise that there isn't much.

So there you have it~ All my pictures from Ldoll, when I get the time and chance I will update again, why? Because I have some new lil ones TT^TT Yes I spent money, it's so bad it's not even funny TT^TT spent way too much, so now I have to suffer with being poor for a while *sighs* I need to be careful now with money, cause it's coming up to Christmas and my insurance is due too @_@ someone give me some money hahahahahaha!!

Right! Moving onto the business side of things, I haven't updated much on the doll commissions front for a while now oh oh oh... actually before I move on I nearly forgot!!! I wanted to show you guys something~ My entry for the Ldoll face up competition!! Ah OMG!! There was so many amazing people taking part, there was no way I was going to be able to win, which I knew already. I had never intended to win from the start, like my main aim was to just go and have fun, the winning part for me was being able to display my work next to all the competitors, and being able to show my work to Switch as well~!! Which was A-MA-ZING!!!! So yush~ A lot of goods things happened for me at Ldoll =D

Unfortunately I'll be wiping this head, some of you will probably remember that I had Koit as an NS Soseo to begin with, well this is the original head. I have recently purchased a Switch Body, which came with a different head... and I was going to try and keep that doll... but like the body more, so now I wanna complete this boy again and make him into Koit's twin, yush I want to design a pair of black and white twins, even though they're not really black and white hahaha! But like... I've tried previously to have identical twins in my collection, it was hard. So I quit the idea, but now I know that if I have identical twins they can't be identical in everything, they have to be different in their own way. I dunno, I'll see how this plays out because I have another head in mind to play as the white twin... yeah... I'm keeping that head a secret for a bit =D You'll know when I decide hahahahahaha!!!

Right right right! Business!!! I don't really have much to say about these works... I'll see what I gotta say when I share hahahaha

This Minifee Breakaway I did as part of a trade =D I traded for a Minifee Siean =DD And I'm glad that the owner really liked what I did n_n basically I was trying to give it a more male style of the Celine default face up =x it's a bit darker, and I tried to sorta match it in colour, but if I made it too bright I think it would have looked a bit too girly~ So yeah I kept it quite dark.

This little one has a factory face up, the owner originally wanted me to wipe and redo the whole thing, I actually asked them if they liked the face up to begin with, because when she was describing the face up she wanted it was pretty similar to the one it already had. She said she did like it, but just wanted it to be a tad bit darker. So I did just that =D I gave it a bit more cheek blushing to make it cuter, darkened the blushing around the eyes, gave it freckles and oh she had a small chip on the lip, which I suggested covering it up with a tiny heart. But~ it wasn't working out, the owner didn't like it very much, and to be honest I have to agree with them, it doesn't really work on something so small XD so it was wiped and instead I covered up the chip as best as possible n_n and tadaaaa~ She was complete =D

Minifee Juri 08, Minifee Siean and Minifee chest. I enjoyed doing the tattoo for the weedy sea dragon, that was quite fun~ I think despite it killing my eyes, I do like doing detailed tattoos on dolls, and I think more of my lot need more tattoos hahahaha I do have plans for them to have tattoos, just well... I need to plan them all out hahahaha! The owner is now selling the Minifee Siean, I don't really appreciate what she's written on her sales thread about the face up, it's not like I rushed the work, I take my time with the work I do, I also do it with utmost care. I also don't work as a face up artist full time, it's a part time thing for me, I work full time during the day come home and get down with working on doll commissions, when I could well and truly just spend the evening resting. But I don't, I put time and effort into working for other people, and I don't even charge a lot, I'm charging at the bare minimum, a lot less then what most artists are charging. I get told that I'm crazy for doing it so cheap considering the quality of my work, but I am charging what I feel is right. I enjoy working on dolls, so I'm not charging a lot because I'm enjoying myself. But meh, lets not let her get me down eh?

Last two~ I got these two as commissions from Ldoll, bless the owner, she was so sweet~ I did have two other commissions that I did during Ldoll, but I didn't take pictures of them, because I didn't feel that I wanted to record them. Firstly I was not in any fit state to really be working on dolls, and secondly the lighting was awful, so it was actually really hard to work there. To be honest, I wasn't expecting to take any commissions during Ldoll, I was hoping I would get more drawing commissions, but I only got like one hahahaha I know I suck XD but this is afterall a doll convention, so peeps would rather have something doll related, maybe next time I should do more doll examples rather then normal character examples hahaha TT^TT my drawings are really bad at the moment, so I need to practice, just need to find the time to *sighs*

I currently have a stock pile of commissions to be getting on with, I have also closed my slots for the time being, I will re-open them next year. The reason though is because every year for Christmas I do hand drawn cards, and I need the time to do these. I don't just design and then get it printed, I design each and individual cards and post them out to people. I did at one point offer them to the general public, but I don't have enough time, so unfortunately only friends will be getting them~ If you wanna see what I end up designing, be sure to check out my artblog =D But once I finish my last lot of commissions I will update here, and hopefully it will be before Christmas hahahaha!