So it's a new year~
I'm feeling rather lazy right now, so I will most probably keep this short. 2013 was a full on roller coaster for me, I had my good times and I had my bad haha!
Before I move on, I will have to share this on my blog. This is more so to explain my reasons for keeping my commissions closed for a bit longer, at the end of 2013 I lost my last grandparent. The emotions are still a bit raw, but I'm slowly getting there. I don't want to be upset, and I don't want people to feel bad for me, I just want you guys to understand my situation.
So with that I also want to say thank you to all my followers, I do apologise that I haven't been updating all that much, New Years resolution would be to try and update as much and as often as possible... but as it is, it'll probably be a monthly basis update hahaha~! I'm also trying to get back into the arts. I really miss drawing, I'm also really hating on myself for not being to draw as well or as freely as I used to. So I'm desperately trying to get myself back into, wish me luck hahaha!

Right so, whilst my plan was to take a picture of all my crew as part of a 2014 theme thing... the lighting was crap today and I woke up at 2PM to boot, whoops hahahaha~!
So instead I will share a picture of my desk with you all~

Yes, it is a real mess, and it will stay like that forever until I decide to quit. So here is to 2014!

Don't worry this isn't the end. I have some 2013 commissions to share with you all I will keep it nice and simple~

This was a freebie done for a friend hahaha! I'm working towards more realism face ups, but I'm also keeping to the smooth not so rustic face ups. I also wanted to try out those piercings that I got as well. So there you go~

These lil tan ones were cute~ The LTF Leah wasn't originally due into me, she actually went to a different artist, but they couldn't seal her because it kept on misting up. I reckon it was more Fairyland's resin then the moisture in the air, because to be honest, I was getting the same issue, but I managed to sort it out =D So all's well~

Yup~ I got another set of tanned little ones from another client =D I'm enjoying the fact that I can use subtle colours on that specific tone~ And yush I did practice on the Migidoll Owen for this Leekeworld Khal =D

I got this one last minute, I think she is the first Iplehouse I've worked on, I'd really love to own and work on an EID Asa at one point, I really like the idea of a male one, I've only seen a few male ones around and they work really well~ But anyway~ Yush~ This lil one was almost a dream to work with~ She worked so well with the pastels and just yeah... the only think I would say is that if I got a chance I would probably change her eyebrows... I tend to have eyebrow issues DX But that will do, that will do~

Woosoo~ This one is a modded one, I think it was originally a sleeping head. But my friend wanted a fairly similar face up to the one he originally had but redone in my style, so there you go~

Last of the commissions~ This was done for Frapzilla my BEAR~!! The hands have tattoos on them, but I can't seem to get any good pictures of them T^T so I gave up and will just share pictures of the hands without the tatts.

Now I'm going to share some of my own personal images with you all~ These will feature my new lil one Mew, she is a Creature Dolls Feldspath~ And partial images of Saru my other new boy XD yush yush my collection is growing massively!


  1. -Fangirls over her own stuff like a crazy person-

    also mew.. and and and saru... and that random REALLY pretty boy who makes me squee something frantic
    ¬ u ¬

    -is a creeper, all up in your blog-

    1. BWUHAHAHAHA! Bear you're so adorable~


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