3 Months

Whoa... ok... my bad~
It's not that I forgot to post or that I haven't been around, in fact I'm actually trying to juggle a lot of things around. But I haven't forgotten about this blog, I will try and get myself back into blogging more often, like the once a month thing. I am sorry for going silent for a while, a lot has happened, and a lot has been on my plate. The stresses of life eh? I feel like I need some time to breathe, and well yesterday felt like it was the only day that I have felt so relaxed in a while.
But moving on~ I have got a lot of stuff to share, I have been working on some dolls. I know I am closed but a lot of these are more for friends then anyone else, I will open soon, I am trying to clear all of these friend slots first. So hopefully by April I will be open again for commission yeah?

So what do I have for sharing?

I worked on this lovely for my friend Penguin~ I worked on another face up for her previously and I didn't like what I did so offered to redo it, instead she asked if I could work on a different doll, so I said yush~ This lovely is a Dollclans Vezeto~  Bless his lil grumpy-ness~

This lil fella is called Sharkbait, he's actually from my own personal collection =3 I don't count it as a doll lol, so he won't have a profile or anything~ He's more a pet, bless his lil cutie face, he is a Tendres Chimères Hammer head shark. I adopted this lil one whilst I was out at Ldoll last year, I wasn't actually planning on it, but I had some left over money and was like why not? LOLOLOL I actually left it till quite late in the day to get this one, it was a toss up between this one and another (I've forgotten what the other one looks like now, I think it was a fish and not a shark) but anyway when I went back to see who was left, this lil fella was left. So I adopted it.

I got to work on a Batchix Mini-machina Eta for a friend =3 She was lovely to work with and I got to unleash my need for circuit board designs @_@ I enjoyed it so much~ Although I have to say it was really hard re-stringing her, I tried really hard not to chip the lil thing TT ^ TT failed, although it's not obvious thankfully and my friend was ok with it too =3

These two lovelies I worked on for Bullets~ She's absolutely in love with the Lusis whom was being sold originally but she's kept her now hahah~ As for the Mydolling HeeAh he is being sold on the MP right now~ I'm glad I got to work on the HeeAh though, they're quite popular sculpts at the moment. So it was nice to get a feel of working on one n_n

Finally these two~Tan skin is lovely to work with, although I sorta wish I had the ability to apply more colour onto them~ It's hard when you're only using pastels, the colours don't tend to show up as much as you would like them to, but the joy in that is also the challenge to figure out what does and doesn't work~ I should probably invest in some shimmer type pastels LOL! I dunno, shimmery isn't my thing, but it would add to my options I suppose =3

So now only more personal based stuff, I have had 3 new dolls? I can't even remember lol! I have had quite a few new dolls lets put it this way. A lot have been serious impulse buys, why? Because I've been stressed, retail therapy I say LOL! Nah I should stop, because I can't afford to keep this many dolls and well, I really show work on my incomplete lot. Whom I am starting to miss now, like Mu Chan and Hyunnie TT ^ TT They both need bodies. I am trying to save up for those now, trying to save up all the commission money I get to get these two bodies, I also have another WIP doll whom will probably be complete before those two, I'm so sorry Mu Chan and Hyunnie I still love you guys T ^ T just bare with me a bit longer.

During my time in Hong Kong, there was a period where my stress levels were really high, and I happened to come across this lil fella, Aileen Dolls Snow Ashes. It was actually his ice antlers that got me, and his expression as well as the factory blushing he head. I fell hard hahahaha! So he arrived to me in Feb n_n Look how cute he is~ Oh and his name is Knuckles the Dragon =3

And yush! I have a Luts Zuzu Delf Bull~ Look at his grumpy lil face~ I yes... I really like grumpy looking dolls alright?! Lol! He looks confused all the time actually, bless this lil fella~ Looks rather lost and confused, he's really unsure of what is happening. But when he arrived I didn't have a name, after talking to Penguin, she inspired me with her BF's name LOL! Because she showed him a picture of him in the group shot I did which I will share below, but she had pointed out that this lil one was my newest doll, and he was like "Is that a troll or something?" Hahahah I laughed when she told me, so I have sorta named him based on his name. This lil confused bull is called Khairon.

I won't share my most latest latest purchase =3 I like keeping secrets, although I have yet to unveil Saru =P I still haven't worked on that boy yet, I feel really bad cause he's been waiting for ages, and I have so man photoshoot plans for him and Koit. My head is just full of ideas, which is great! Cause I was really lacking that recently and got really down about it, but! That isn't the point, the point is that I'm getting it back gradually so I'm happy!! Anyway so last picture to show, would be a picture of all my current lot, although I realised I missed one out =x I left out Skye... whom I haven't shared with you guys yet... I WILL SHARE NOW.

This is Skye, my Unoa Chibi Roron. This one was impulse buy as well TT ^ TT he is currently sat in his box all blank, I wanna make this my rainbow puke boy LOL! He's another one that's waiting to be worked on T ^ T I want to branch out to making him a fairy kei boy~ So I need to sorta research into it a bit more~

Right right, I think that's all the new ones I can share for now. So for the big picture XD

So there you have it, a picture of all my complete lot, well full doll lot =D Missing like 3 dolls whom are as said still waiting to be completed T ^ T I WILL GET TO IT SOON AND THE PICTURE WILL BE GLORIOUS!