Title inspired by Bastille (currently listening to their album) I got curious, Bulgolgi and Fee are to blame for this, however I am liking them XD Anyway, enough of what I'm listening to. Again I have missed the one month marker. I have been extremely busy, pushing out commissions as quickly as possible whilst keeping to the highest of quality that I can give. What I'm about to share isn't a lot? But it's taken time, and time isn't my best friend. Never has been. But I have also been doing some personal shoots, I got a bit carried away with my boys ho ho ho~!

So what's first? Lets see...

This first batch was lovely to work with, so here we have a Minifee Rheia, DIM Aria and a Granado Fayette. The Rheia was just a standard natural face up, the DIM had the fun challenge of a lace like design on the lips, I do not claim the idea, as this was inspired by other people whom had done it before me. I just remembered it and thought it was a nice touch, because the owner wanted something different for the lips, something that made them stand out because of how full they were, I also have to say, I absolutely love the lips on the DIM sculpts~ They're just so lush to work with hahaha~ Finally the Fayette, I rarely do animal based face ups, especially a deer. So this was different, I also did most of this face up with an airbrush, which I will tell you now was hard as anything. My airbrush was like, I MUST SPRAY EVERYWHERE AND EVERYTHING!!! LOL! Anyway I managed in the end, and I'm actually pretty proud with this face up, it's one of my nicest to day in my opinion~

This 2nd batch, I try to take pictures of the heads with eyes in because they look nicer, however the picture I have of the Migidoll Noel with the eyes in look terrible! There is so much gapping *cries* so I have stuck with the no eyes version instead, now this boy actually came to me with a face up, it wasn't the nicest of face ups... all in all it was pretty nasty especially when I was cleaning it out @_@ like the gunk that came out of the eyes... *shivers* I'm starting to sound like the cleaner dude from Black Books "Dirty." (sorry to those whom don't know Black Books, but if you get a chance watch it, there are so many laughs XDD) anyway so I cleaned him up and gave him a fresh look =D As for the little head Doll Leaves Fay, she'd chipped the sealant on her nose. I tried to fix it whilst preserving the original face up, but again... I couldn't do it... there were dark pastel marks left here and there on the poor thing. It got to me and I had to clean it, of course I consulted the owner before I did it. But yeah... dirty dolls... noooooo.... XD

This third one is a Mystic Kids Francis, he's actually really sweet n_n just a simple face up with a few freckles, and despite it being simple, for some reason I really struggled with his eyebrows. Like literally... it took me a good 2 days to even get it right, I was having an eyebrow crisis hahahaha!! I got through it though with the help of my friends~

Right the fourth batch, this was I have to say A LOT OF FUN!!! Like the colours, I was sneezing rainbows hahahahaa! The face up itself is pastel based, I didn't feel I could get the same control with the airbrush, so stuck with what I knew best =D As for the wings~ I used an airbrush and got to test out my ability to blend colours whilst using a different medium~ I am so proud of the blend~ Especially on the wings, makes me almost not want to return them back to the owner MWUHAHAHAHA~!!! Nah I'm not that evil =3 But yush~ I also bought out my Micro lense for these wings~ The details I did on them @_@ it really adds to it. Oh before I forget the head and the wings belong to Soom Dune~ The hands and feet belong to a erm... I think Dollzone MSD girl body =P I forgot HAHAHAHA~ Anyway, I am thankful that this person came to me for this commission, I have yet a many rainbows to paint XD

That's it on the commission front, I still have 2 batches left to do before I start to take in the next lot of commissions, I have obviously taken on way more work then I can really take on. I feel bad for turning people away, but like I know if I can or can't take it. I will have to put my foot down, coming closer to Christmas I will have to shorten the slots as I want to enjoy my holidays, and to also do Christmas cards again. I missed last year because of the passing of my Grandfather, but it's ok. Enough of the sads!

Let's move onto more of my own personal shots~!! I did a few shoots, there isn't much to explain really hahaha I'll be brief as most of it is just sexy underwear in bed shots >_>;;

Onai~ This boy got his own body and a new wig =3 He's looking so cute, I went to got him some jeans and when they arrived I was a bit like... I kinda like you in the shorts you've been in lately XD I'm gona try him in the jeans anyway but hahaha~! He so cute (= 3 =)

Ok so this shoot has Koit, Fen and Onai. Koit and Fen come from the same storyline, but Onai is from a completely different storyline XD technically speaking they shouldn't even be together in the first place. But hey! I don't really care XD I just wanted pictures of Koit being master XD well... not quite but you get the point >_>;;

And one final image~ I had two new boys come into me recently~ They're not both mine =3

The NS boy is Wyatt (belongs to me) the WS boy is Bastion (belongs to my friend Asher AKA Face), they're not twins either, brothers with I think 3-4yrs difference Wyatt is the older one =3 They both have a really sad past (T ^ T) but I'll save that for when I've actually worked on them @_@ which I hope will be soon~ I just gotta clear all this commissions and favours and yeah... I have so much of my own to work through as well XDD I'm such a bad owner XD my dolls are probs calling me the bad human LOL!


  1. Love all the face-ups, especially the rainbow elf and wings, they're stunning. :) You sound like the plumber who always has a leaky tap at home, ha ha ha.

    1. Hahaha thank you~ And yes yes~! I am like a plumber whose always got a leaky tap XDDD


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