Watching 'Cubin Fever' whilst I update this XD
Soooo.... it has been two months since my last update~ I have been uber busy hahaha~ My commission slots were full, so I thought it would be a good idea to do like a batch update. I might change that up because each batch takes me around 2 months to do, so what I might do is like do a half batch update, I dunno. We shall see what happens. But none the less I was so certain I had updated this blog since the June post, but obviously not XDD Hodihooooo~ I shall update now~

So this first lot~ I did for my friend Asher Face~ Iplehouse Luo, he was actually a bit green when he arrived to her, so I blushed matched him. I also did stubble for the first time ever, which was fun hahaha~ Like I was surprised that I managed it~ But yes~ MAN!!! XD

This batch was fun~ The Saiph was so good to work on~ Like it came out a lot better then I thought~ Also the piercings, they were interesting and hard XD fiddly things I tell you! I think I lost a few in the process @_@ will need to replenish my stock sometime soon but them damned things are expensive too T^T The Rosy, it was a nice sweet face up, I think it is one of my most simple face ups yet... although I think I have done one as light or lighter previously... I don't remember XDD I'm sure I have haha~ Now this tattoo~ It's actually been on my want to do list, the owner didn't really know what they wanted, but just wanted something musical so I suggested to them this tattoo idea and they liked it so I went with it XD I was surprised by how small I could get the detail but you know, don't know until you've tried and I did hahaha~

This little one was so cute, it rekindled my love for Latis~ I really do like their cute lil faces, but I seriously and honestly do not need one lol! So I just gotta remind myself~ They are cute, but I do not need one in my already too big of a collection LOL!

Oooooo~ Now this was an interesting set, especially the Withdoll Kyle. He is actually the UV protect resin that the company offered, but I erm... well... let's just say that it is literally just a layer of UV protect polish/varnish. And I erm... well... I stripped it off by accident when I was cleaning the head =x luckily there was no further damage and the owner was understanding of the situation. But yes~! Managed to minimise the damage, so all was well~ Caused a little bit of a panic to be honest, so I ended up offering his face up for free. Which to be honest was the least I could do for causing the panic, which I swear, I did not intend to create. I honestly thought that the shininess was the resin itself, therefore meaning that I could treat it like normal resin when cleaning. Obviously not, so be warned people. You can not clean this withdoll UV protect dolls like normal resin, otherwise you too will strip it of it's UV protect layer.

This is one I did for a friend too~ She wasn't sure what she wanted, but like something that was light and manly ish... hahahaha! So I aimed for more manly eyebrows well... at least that was my aim hahaha like just more thicker eyebrows and some light colours. As beautiful and as much as I love white skin dolls it is hard when you want something ethereal? Like, well no it's not that hard but it's very hard to keep it clean and not too heavy in tones and colour, because I am so used to be heavy handed on my colours hahaha~ Although I have a white skin doll of my own that needs working on, I shall see what happens when I am heavy handed on the colours LOL!

 These four belong to four different commissioners however they were pretty standard face ups so I don't really have much to say about them XD apart from that I enjoyed them none the less hahaha~ Look at them lil cutie pies~

Now this one was really and I mean really interesting, the owner has owned this boy for 2 years now and has had him blank ever since. She finally decided to ask me to give him a face up which I agreed to, I even offered to match him as he was partially green on the face due to sun exposure and because of the way his wig parted against his face he was green mostly on the left side. When I was cleaning this doll I noticed he had a layer of something on him, I say something because I have no idea what the hell it was, maybe a sealant of some kind. I could feel the roughness and I could also see it under certain lighting conditions, I cleaned the boy three times to see if I could take off the layer of roughness, it didn't shift. So I ended up sanding it off because it just wouldn't give way no matter how I cleaned it, I was careful with the sanding because he is a tanned doll so it would have been very obvious if I ended up sanding the resin. In the progress picture above, the first picture is before sanding but after the three attempts at cleaning, the second picture is after sanding and thinking I had removed it all. So I pastel blushed the boy to match him, as you can see in the picture. I hadn't removed it completely, therefore making the pastel stick mostly to the rough areas, giving it a really dirty look. I ended up wiping that off and sanding it down some more. The third picture, I decided to airbrush the boy instead and hoped that by giving him a layer of paint and a few layers of sealant would even out the roughness and it worked =DD So there you have it, the Chalco with the strange layer of sealant on top XD Case solved.

I actually one more set of updates to share from that last batch of commissions, however I think I will wait before I show you guys XD will give me something to update this blog with hahaha~ Can't share everything all at once you know XDD

However I will share a couple of person shots taken in last two months, some of them are mini meets with friends, London meets or just general I feel like taking photos today shots XDD

 Ok~ That is it, hopefully my next update won't to long haha I definitely have lots to share for the next one but I want to wait until it is safe to share before I do hahaha~ So until then SEE YA~!!!


  1. Looks like you had some challenges this time round. Like you, I would have thought after a couple of sandings all the sealant would have been removed. Do you think that the problem with the Chalco could have been a fault in the resin itself, rather than the sealant?

    Love the meet snaps, they are always fun.

    1. I think it was a sealant of some sort, because with tanned resin you can't really sand it, well you can but you shouldn't. Because it causes white patches where the new resin shows through, but I didn't get any white patches *shrugs* I don't know what happened there to be honest. But I'm glad I was able to sort it n_n

      Yush~ You should come to the meets again when you have time =D


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