Immortal By Fall Out Boy~ LOL!!
I unfortunately keep listening to this song on repeat XD Ok~ So I managed to get commissions done in time =D Well a lot more than just in time huhuhu~ 1 MONTH! and a bit more XD But! I have still managed a 1 Month update this time kukukuku~ Ah man... my feet are cold T ^ T Right! So, one of the reasons I managed to complete this batch in such a timely fashion is well, mainly because I had a couple of weeks time off from work and a few days here and there too. So that gave me a lot more time on my hands to get bored and work on stuff, I am also working through my own dolls too. Wyatt is currently un-assembled on my desk, I have some bits planed for this little man XD but his progress is for another day =3

So let's begin with my usual commission items~

This boy here is a Souldoll Kids Joelle D. And what a small head it was, it's not the smallest I have worked on, in fact Berlioz my Lumedoll Rischa is the smallest I have worked on by far. He was relatively east to work with, the owner had a very specific way they wanted him to look so provided me with a lot of reference. It was nice seeing a doll that smirked kehehehe~ Not one I would own personally but still nice to see the size.

Ok this set, this was done for BulletsBanq. I enjoy working with this lovely lady, because she will never fail in coming to me with a challenge heh~ This was a very long commission, it took me a while, I was trying to do bits and bobs in between other commissions, but it wasn't working. So in the end I cleared everything and then sat down and really concentrated on this one, the detail and small scale nature of this was hard. But I have to say, it was really worth it, like really. My favourite would have to be the swords and the pixel hearts, well the swords I really liked them before the full colour which I will show here as well.

It was a really good challenge, and I also want to thank my friend Bulgolgi who helped me @_@ I had to ask for advice on certain things, like the shading and such. I'm not great when it comes to shading, the most I can do in regards to shading is crosshatch randomly XDD and I don't think that would have been a good look lol! So yush~ THANK YOU~!!!

This is an April Story Jaydn head, I worked on him for my friend Asher. I dunno if anyone has seen this head in person or just in photos or not, but that chin... I laughed when I saw it, it was so long and wonky huhuhuhu! I ended up sanding this one down because of it, and gave him a soft-ish face up n_n it's more a neutral face up hehehe~ I also worked on this Lami for her~ He was the one I was trying to sell a while back, she bought him from me in the end.

This lovely lady~ I couldn't believe it when someone asked me to work on her, I was almost like OMG NO WAY!!! REALLY??!! FreakstyleBJD Salome. She is a really interesting doll I have to say, I actually stalk a lot of people because I love seeing what new things they come up with, design, sculpt, paint and so on. Watching other artists makes me so happy huhuhu~ Anyway yush! This girl~ She is different from your usual skinny type BJD, she has a really nice shape, and I have to say the resin was really nice too~ The owner wanted a very forest nature theme which was fine by me =D I painted some twig like details into her eyebrows, gave her a tree tattoo, which I actually sat and took time to dot in @_@ LOL! It gives a nice effect, but yush~ That is one more off my "would like to work on" list =3

I've come to love Dollzone sculpts, more their newer sculpts. I'm still a bit 50/50 towards their older sculpts. But would you look at the Dollzone Choco in last picture, LOOK HOW CUTE HIS LITTLE FACE IS!! I wanted one when Dollzone first released him~ He's just so god damned cute~ Seeing one in person has just made me remember the cuteness huhuhuhu~ I would love to work on more of them, because they really are nice sculpts and just the poutyness, WHAT ADORBS!! Oh before I forget, the 1st one is a Dollzone Reiko, one of the older sculpts, 2nd is Dollzone Natasha which is also very very cute~ She's actually fairly realistic for dollzone so is quite a surprise to work on, oh which reminds me I still love the Dollzone Anson and Moment, if I had the money and the project idea to work on one I would totally hunt one down XDD Tis a real shame they are discontinued T ^ T

These two~ Souldoll Elan and Impdoll Teno, again the Souldoll head was so tiny @_@ it was a Vito head, but I would say similar size to the Joelle D head I worked on despite one is in Vito and the other in Kids section XD but yush~ I was worried that I wasn't going to get the Impdoll done up correctly, because the friend who owns him, she loves him so much~ And I wanted him to be perfect for her =3

Last but not least a pair of Soom jointed hands~ I actually strung up 3 pairs in total, 2 WS ones and 1 pair of tanned ones =3 the 2 WS ones were for commission whilst the tanned pair were mine for Koit huhuhuhuhuhu, there are no pictures of the other pairs cause well... they're just hands strung up LOL!! Nothing to see here, move along XDD But yush one pair was painted up and there you go~ There they are =D

Ok, so moving on to more of my personal stuff, and OMG I have to say, I have a lot to share like, I HAVE A LOT TO SHARE SO BRACE YOURSELVES!!
Remember good old Saru my blank doll that I started to take around with me?? He's not blank anymore~ Oh no he isn't~ I did a mini Photoshoot with him because I was asking Penguin for photography advice, now she doesn't post of photograph that often, but when she does, she is really good~ She takes her time to think about things, like the lighting, the setting, the doll, the EVERYTHING!!! XDD She mentioned I heavy edit blue into my photos =x which is very true I do~ XDD I admit it I DO IT!!! I DID IT ALRIGHT?! Ah hem... on a more serious note, so I asked how to improve and she said look at some other people's photos and draw inspiration, like well lit photos, vibrant in colour, or like almost mono colour type photos. I was heading down a really grunge route, despite the fact that I don't do grunge very well XDDD So here you have it! My experimental well light photos of Saru~

The news gets better by the way XDD Not only did Saru get painted but~ Here is the big but =DD Ooooo like it's already happened but I'm still uber happy about it all mwuhahahah~!! Mu Chan~ My Nabarro Har FINALLY HAS A BODY!!!!! Would you believe it?? After so long~ I've actually been researching a body for him and finally found something that will 1) fit 2) matches resin wise and 3) Is so damn pretty!!! I have a few issues with the body, but it's not something I can't solve. The leg keeps swiveling due it just being a sphere and so it like constantly just twists in the sockets LOL! I'll hot glue the thing and see how that helps XD Anyway PICTURES!!! CAUSE THIS BOY IS FINALLY COMPLETE~~ Oh... actually before I do, I commission a jumper for him a while back, like the jumper is lovely and beautiful and amazing, but it won't fit his body *sighs* I didn't even try to pull it over his head cause his shoulders just won't go through, I mean I struggled with the Dollstown 15yr body, let alone this one T ^ T so that jumper will be going to someone else, most likely one of my MSDs because Fen and Onai, I mean it would look cute on them, but they have stuff already. So someone in my MSD crew needs something new n_n

 And finally~ I have one last shoot I did~ I got into a crown making mood, I got influenced by the leader of Pygmalion Group =3 Ooooo which I haven't told anyone but I am now lieutenant for the group =3 huhuhu which I'm pretty happy about XDD I MADE THE CUT WHOOO!!!! XD Nah it's cool, I wanted to help, but yush~ I made crowns, which then inspired me to this shoot, which I have to say has been in my head for a good year now, I even had the suits for it all ready because I wanted to do this shoot so badly and I have finally done it and I want to do more~ LOL

 TADAH~!! This month has been great for photos, or well more so for photo ideas and opportunities~ Let's hope that this continues~ In the following months I should have more incoming bodies for other heads =D And then it will be a bit quiet for a little while for me on the doll front, I am trying really hard to stop because I am buying recklessly. So I would love to work more on my current lot and make them perfect for me n_n


  1. Wow, you have been busy! Love your Choco, I have him and he's one of my favourites, it's a great sculpt. Waiting on DZ Vanilla and she's a cutie too. :)


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