Dana Koo

Update time =D
So I was commissioned to work on a Mydolling Dana Koo, whom I have to say is an oddly cute and artistic doll. I absolutely love how they look~ Even though they aren't the type of doll for me, they are definitely one to keep an eye out on cause there are just so many possibilities with them =3

When I was sent the head, I had already seen pictures of them and their oddly small bodies XD but when it arrived to me I was expecting the head to be small-ish still? But nope XD IT WAS BIGGER THEN MY PALM! Which I was very surprised by huhuhuhu! Anywho, she was really fun to work with, and has me slightly interested is possibly working on blythe, but I would need to really do my research. As applying the face up would be similar to how I would work on BJD but the removal of it is different obviously due to the difference in plastic and the properties. That one I will need to look into, although I have a feeling isopropyl alcohol might do the trick.


  1. As someone who collects voth BJDs and Blythes and has removed face-ups on both, Mr. Thinner works perfectly fine for both of them xD My doll friend who also does face-ups also keeps telling me that Blythes (once sand matted) are by far more enjoyable to paint than BJDs cause their surface is nicer to work with. And so far none of the BJD artists I commissioned to paint my Blythes have reported any difficulties - so it really seems to be like face-uping BJDs, apart from the knowledge that they are plastic x'D

    1. Oooooooo that is good to know~ I'm interested in working on Blythes and might see if I can find a cheap one to buy and work on for myself and sell on later as they really aren't my kind of dolls, but I do like the look of them and I also follow/watch quite a few Blythe artists because some of the stuff they do are just beautiful, like the possibilities of the eyelids =D But thank you for the information =D I appreciate the n____n

    2. I'd love to see a Blythe done by you! Mandarake usually has cheap legit Blythes avaiable, though do look which release a Blythe is, older SBLs are a bitch to open and can involve a saw. And yes, the eyelids are an awesome possibility for some extra art xD

    3. Ah ok~ Thank you for that =D I will check it out over at Mandrake n____n


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