New Days

So I have decided that I will instead of bulk updating this blog I'll try and do more regular ones, as and when I update all of my other online social media places, it would make this so much more easier then trying to remember that I have a blog to update once in a while XDD I will try and keep the writing side of things with this rather than just a photo dump, as that was the part I do enjoy quite often =D

Right which means this is going to be hopefully last of the bulk updates, and let me tell you. There is a lot. Like seriously.... I HAVE BEEN STOCK PILING THEM FOR AGES!!!! XDD So lets get started!

So first is this cutey Soom Lami~ He did belong to me for a while and then I sold him after I worked on him~ But the buyer, my friend wanted a less colourful face up XD so I redid it for them =D

Next is a Souldoll Elan and Impdoll Teno~ These two belonged to the lovely Umbra~ She is one of my return customers hehehe~ So I know pretty much the types of face ups she looks for on her dolls with very minimal direction XD Which is great for me and her, it means I can just get on with the work without too much worrying n_____n

Next is a pair of Soom hands, I did the work as part of a trade, I made the mistake of making them too peachy and being far from what the owner wanted =x But that was easily fixed and tadaaaaah~ I love Soom hands  =3 

Oh and by the way, this is being updated to the order of my flickr cause man... I can not remember for the life of me what order these were all in so I'm gona also insert some personal shots in between XD
These next two pictures were taken for a friend to see if Switch resin matched Aprilstory resin~ This dude looks uber cool though kukukuku~ And he will be home soon as well =3 You'll see his updated face soon as well hopefully =P

This next little one~ Bless her n____n she came to me before, the owner wanted me to redo the face up as it had suffered some ware from lots of loving =D She requested a similar face up but less blushing on the nose, as even though it was very cute, it made her look like she was ill XD Angell Studio Leira.

Oh this next one is a personal project~ Skye my Chibi Unoa Roron =D I wasn't feeling him so much for a while, and I decided to finally work on him n____n He is looking really cute at the moment huhuhu I am actually in the middle of completing him, I have a few things left to buy him and it will be magical XD He is my little unicorn boy hahaha in human form =P I also did his nails all cute~ Do not be fooled by the photo, the nail art is only about 2-3mm in size, very very small.

This Delf Williams previously had a Blue Sky Studio face up. Which I have to say was very very pretty~ Like I admire her work~ And I think people should check out her work, she is brilliant =D
However, the owner said it looked too sweet for the character so needed a less cute/soft look to him.

Fairyland Minifee Sarang and Luts Kid Delf Romance Ani are next up~ Shhh shhh but I have been wanting to work on a Sarang for a little while XD so when this opportunist came up I was a bit like YUSH!! I WILL DO IT! Her little smile is so cute~ There are a few sculpts that I do like from fairyland, but I have two already and that is enough for now XD See how I say "for now" LOL.

This next cutie, Gu Mi Jung Zihu. I have seen a lot of girl versions of this lil one, but my friend decided to create a boy out of this sculpt, which turned out very cute =D

Ok ok, now this next sculpt. I clawed at my face and was like OMG I GET TO WORK ON ONE FINALLY!!!!! XD Little Rebel Jelle~ I had some issues in regards to eyebrows with this one, the owner was being very picky and consistently said that the eyebrows weren't matching and she had even did a grid to show me, but I couldn't get it to work to the grid. Unfortunately due to the nature of how a BJD is sculpted there will always be imperfections, meaning that sometimes even the eyes and eyebrow arches aren't always level. I work my face ups in accordance to the facial structures of the sculpt, it's not as simple as doing a line grid and going by that. But luckily the owner and I came to an agreement and things were settled. However I do have to say, after this commission my confidence in face ups took a slight knock and I struggled with eyebrows for a little while ;;_____;;

Iplehouse JID Asa, this lil one was a bit on the green side, but I blushed her over and everything was fine XD blushing over discoloured resin is alright for me luckily.

Next is Mito time XDD I have actually had Mito for 5 yrs now, he is my oldest doll n____n and has been with me pretty much from the start of when I first joined this hobby, he's been with me from Norwich when I was in uni, all the way back home to London. So here are my photos of him XD

Next pair of heads~ Minifee New Family Head and Minifee Celine Tan Head~ Another pair of fairyland dolls =D I put human lashes in them and they were absolutely beautiful~

I will always love Migidoll sculpts~ I wouldn't personally own them all, but I am glad that I do get to work on them every now and then =D

I actually running out of things to say cause a lot of these face ups are quite straight forward so not much to really say about them XD This next one is Doll Chateau Queena, the owner found that the previous face up it had was way too pink, but they still wanted something very similar, and they wanted the eyebrows to me longer as the previous face up had them very short. I was also requested to do a tattoo on her to match the ones she had on her body, so I did my best =D

Oh oh oh! This next one, I do not what the company name is but it was a lot of work XD Some had asked me to do some Henna/Menndi tattoos for them. I spent a good 2-3 days doing research, as it's not a style that I usually do, so I had to get my brain into the right mindset. I also did a new design by taking bits here and there from other designs, I needed to make sure it was doable on the arms and especially the hands, it was a lot of work, but also a lot of fun, and felt great to know that I successfully pulled it off =D

In the past I actually considered getting myself a Doll Chateau Ada, but I never actually went through with my decision and instead decided against it. Luckily someone came to me with one to work on and even gave me complete and utter free reign =D

A while back I bought an LLT Roderich, with only intentions of painting it up and selling it on, I also later on bought an LLT Roderich OE just to see what the difference was like XD There wasn't actually any difference, however I ended up selling the OE boy to a friend and we decided to make brother characters to go with the LLT boys XD So yush it does mean that I am keeping one still =P I'll put a little bit of their story here for yous as well, if people are interested, if not you are free to skip this part huhuhu~ So the NS boy belongs to me, his name is Wyatt and he is the older brother of the two. The WS boy belongs to my friend and his name is Bastion, and obviously is the younger brother. They both come from a sad-ish background, their Mother ran away right after Bastion was born as she didn't want the responsibility, they were mainly bought up by their Father, however being a single parent and working his best for his children drove him to become very ill, in which took his life. So these two brothers went from living with family members to being shipped off from foster home to foster home. Bastion is very tempered and overly protective over Wyatt, whilst Wyatt is a bit on the quiet side, because he blames himself for the lose of both parents. Wyatt also has a condition CIP (Congenital insensitivity to pain) hence the scars and marks. Also also also I have been really into geometric tattoos lately, well I wasn't intending on one for them, but I wanted to give them a twin tattoo for their brotherlyness XD and at that time it seemed logical.

Oh oh oh oh, I have been doing stuff with my crew lately which is evident XD It's not a massive amount, but little by little. My resin crew, I always take the longest amount of time to work on, why? Because even though I have ideas for them, it takes me a while to sort through these ideas and to settle on them, and even when I do, I may decide to change it last minute XD So yeah~ My brain is very indecisive. Recently I worked on Toki finally, that little bird of mine has been needing a new face up for like forever!! XD So I have him a new one when I got him a new outfit =P

I also recently bought an Aileen Doll Pico Dragon, however these next few pictures aren't of my own, I have yet to decide on colour scheme for it =P This lil one was commissioned by a friend =D whom also commissioned me to work on her Shinydoll Kisui~

I had another return customer, and some more Fairyland girls came to visit me kukukuku~ I also got to work on a Minifee Soony =D SOONY!!! I mean I have worked on Miyu and now a Soony~ All is well XD

SOOM DIA IS NEXT~!!! I have been going backwards and forwards with Soom Dia's ;;____;; like even when Soom did a release of just the heads I was so tempted. But I resisted, and luckily a friend asked me to paint her Dia for her =D Yush~ Having doll friends is a benefit XDD THEY COME TO ME FOR FACE UPS AND I GET TO SEE ALL SORTS OF SCULPTS~!!! And I also get to play with them as well, which is a bonus kukuku~ But yush this Dia, I have nick named him Nest Boy XD Reason? Cause the wig my friend initially gave him was like a bird's next XDD So I know him as Nest Boy huhuhu I think his actual name is Max? I dunno XDDD

Ok ok~ We are finally at the end of this bulk upload~ These next few are also commissioned by a friend huhuhu~ She ordered so much from Luts she got a free Avalanche as well as the 2013 Winter Event Kid Delf head x2! And all three came to me for face ups =DD

Ok that is it for now =D And so from here on out I will be updating as I go along instead of bulk updating because I always seem to put it off for way too long ;;_____;; I am so sorry~ I will keep this as updated as possible =D UNTIL NEXT TIME~~~