Dikadoll Blanca

Update time =3
I have a Dikadoll Blanca with half closed eyes~~

She was sweet to work with =3 She also came with a couple of other heads that just needed fixing up, but I didn't get any pictures so won't be able to share them with you~

I also have a personal update, I've been working on my unoa boys for a while now. I say working on XD It's mainly been planning, due to the fact that I've not really had time to actually sit down and work on them XDD So all I get to do is the whole planning business LOL but I redid their face ups, made them new wigs~ Thanks to my friend Penguin I managed to give them a wardrobe revamp too =3 I just got like little bits here and there to get for them and they will be complete =3 and beautiful and looking how I would like kukukukukuku~


  1. Lovely photo shoot, my favourite is the last one on the left. :)


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