So trying to get back into regular updating =D
I recently worked on a couple of Switch boys~ I love switch as a company~ I've actually met the lady who sculpts them @___@ She's such a lovely lady~ Tis a shame I'm not more of a talkative person XD

But yush~ These two boys~
A tanned Soseo, which I actually have myself =D Koit is my baby~ I kinda miss him ;;______;; he's been in his box for so long, practically all of my dolls have been in their boxes for a long time now. I've been working so much, not really had time to enjoy them lately ;;_____;; I'm thinking of taking someone around with me during the Halloween season though XD scare some people LOL! But yush~ As well as working on a Soseo I also got to work on a Seolrok~ Now this sculpt, I have a love hate relationship, although maybe not hate. More dislike XD It's his nose... sometimes I'm ok with it and other times I'm not @___@ I don't actually own a Seolrok, mainly for that reason... like literally sometimes I am swooning over the sculpt and other times I am like no thank you....

These two were much fun to work with =3 and OMG freckles~~ I miss doing lil features like this on dolls, it's the lil details that make me happy XDD


  1. They look great! I can understand you liking doing the details, it gives a face it's individual character.


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