Oh man I am so ill right now ;;______;; I can't work on commissions in this state, so instead I bring you an update.

I worked on my first vinyl doll~ A modded DDH01 girl~ She's very different to working on resin sculpts, it's a little bit harder, and I applaud the people who actually work on them full time, because unlike resin dolls, you don't have to really define the eyes, this has already been done for you. But with DDs wow... you really have to work the eyes, and if you do it wrong, it just looks awful. So it was a good challenge, I wasn't really too sure how I was going to do it, but I kinda just got down and did it LOL!

I had a lil sealing accident with this one, when the head arrived back to the owner, I think due to the mix of sealants it turned sticky... which was not good. The owner ended up wiping it and sending her back to me for a redo, I changed the sealant, and decided to work on it with no dilution. I usually dilute the sealant as it's too thick for my airbrush to handle, which means it gets clogged up really easily. But luckily the no dilution worked better and went a lot smoother, but it's like a dust magnet because of the tooth it has ;;_______;; I just can't win eh?

Anyway so here is a picture of the final product~