Kabuki and Karon

Update time =3 I have two for you because the last update I kinda got lazy =x I'm always lazy LOL!!! I'm just always so tired @_____@

Anyway so first up is a Dollzone Heavy Rain =D
This lil thing belongs to Penguin my friend~ We bought the lil creatures blank and I worked on her one and even sewed him a fur coat XD This was one of the hardest things I have ever sewn I tell you!!! But it turned out alright >____>;; There are loads of mistakes but thankfully the fluff hides it all LOL!!!

Next up is a Kdoll Karon~
This boy actually belonged to Penguin, and I wanted to see him XD but she decided to sell him. Funnily enough another friend Chi Cat bought him and decided to send him to me for a face up LOL! So I was like huhuhuhuhu you will be seen by me afterall~~

A personal update~~ I got in a Fifth Motif Venitu boy XDD When they first released I did like them, but I convinced myself that it was ok, and that I didn't need one. Then I saw all of the pictures about and the itch became stronger XDD I continued to deny myself it, even when they announced that they were discontinuing the doll, in the end I really gave in XDD I originally bought an Oriental skin boy, and then got a few in for commissions. But realised that maybe the resin tone was a bit too dark for what I wanted, and Asher was going to order one herself so I asked if she could order a Fresh skin boy and I would swap her. So that's what I did in the end =D And he has finally arrived n_______n~
Here is a pictures kukukuuk~

I have many ideas planned out for this boy, so he's gona be put towards my Christmas projects pile XDD I actually have a few other dolls to work on this Christmas, the list includes Aileendoll Winter Ashes, Aileendoll Pico, Dollzone Heavy Rain and this guy XDD Let's see if I can complete them =P


  1. Love the coat, it looks great on ... If you made mistakes, I sure cant see them. Congrats on the new arrival.

    1. Huhuhu Thank you~~
      And lol yush~!! The great thing about fur is that if you do make mistakes you can't see it!! XDD


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