Darak Girls

I got the chance to work on a couple of Darak girls~
I didn't even know what they were until I looked into it XDD But their sculpts are really nice~ I checked out their website too~ And was surprised that they actually had quite a fair few sculpts.


A link for those who are interesting =D Do check it out though~ Some of the girls are beautiful~ It's just a shame I don't really do female dolls myself, I'm more into male dolls >_____>;; LOL!

So I worked on a Darak Hera and Darak Emily, for Hera I based her off a character from Witcher 3 (At the owners request), her general aesthetic was quite natural apart from her having quite dark eyes, which was very fun to work with, as it was dark, but not OTT dark =D put my blending skills to the challenge huhuhuhu!
I think I had the most fun with the Emily, I absolutely love Femme Fatale type aesthetics and, I would love to create one for myself XD But like I said, female dolls and me don't really get on =x I do have a female doll XD But she's very natural pink! LOL! However there are a couple of Femme Fatale type BJDs that I like owned by Max (https://www.flickr.com/photos/madammaumau/) who is a very talented customiser, he paints his own face ups and even makes some of the wigs~
But yush Emily~ I loved doing the lips the most~ If I did get another female doll I think I would have to go all out on the 50s style make up XD because it's just beautiful~


  1. Oh these are lovely , but Emily takes the cake! She is stunning. :)

    1. Huhuhuhu~ Thanks and yeah~ I think it's more to do with the fact that her sculpt is perfect for this type of face up~


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