Fifth Motif Venitu

I've worked on quite a few of these boys already =3 I don't think I could get bored of them though~ They're really lovely and I really want to work on my own boy soon~ Hopefully during the Christmas season seeing as I have now officially completed all commissions~ WHOOOP~~
My own collection finally gets some of my time huhuhuhu~!

I'm also going to add a personal update a long with this one~ I did a mini shoot of Saru and Xeren, and I didn't share it with you guys when I should have probably shared it along with the Darak girls XD because it was taken close to their update XD ah well~ Better late then never eh??
So here is their cute photoshoot~ Oh I also have 10 facts about them XDD So I will share them too =3

1) Xeren has saved Saru's life before - That is how they met.
2) Saru's favourite place to sleep is on Xeren's lap.
3) Xeren loves Saru's cooking, he's the chef out of the two.
4) Saru tries to give small gifts to Xeren on a daily basis, be it a different flower a day or small cute toys/plushies, he hides it in her bag or clothes so that she can find them and be surprised.
5) Xeren likes wearing Saru's jumpers because they're so big on her.
6) Xeren always cheers Saru up with nose nuzzles.
7) They live together but Saru is rarely home because of his obligations and can be gone for a few days at a time.
8) Xeren loves watching horror films even though they scare her, so she gets Saru to watch them with her.
9) Saru doesn't like sweet food, but he still eats the desserts that Xeren makes for him.
10) They love to hug!


  1. Great photo shoot! Hugging is a wonderful past time. :)


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