Just Before Christmas

A small batch of commissions updated before Christmas XD
I was planning to try and update everything before Christmas, but that isn't going to happen LOL!! I will hopefully completely finish uploading 2015 commissions before the end of the year... but yeah XD We shall see LOL!!

I closed my commissions early this year, as I needed the Christmas season to rest and to also work on my own dolls as well XD But erm... so far out of the 5 dolls I needed to work on... I have worked on 2 HAHAHAHA!!! So much for giving some of my time to my own collection hahaha I'm sure I'll manage to fit them all in! If not it will have to be between commissions next year, although I think because I haven't come in contact with my own collection for quite some time now, so it's feeling kinda hard to get back into it.

Anyway! Moving onto this batch of commissions =3

I got three heads from a commissioner who asked for different things for her crew~ It was fun to work with as they all had their own lil unique touches of sorts huhuhu. The Doll Leaves Lillith has some faint birthmark diamonds near her eye~ I've not done birthmarks before, so it's actually something to consider for one of my future dolls =3
I was actually a bit worried about the eyebrow colour for the Dollzone Aaron, but it's come out a lot better then I thought it would =3 As for the Dollzone Ivan, this is the first time I have been asked to give a doll acne XDD it's not a perfect depiction of the skin condition, but I think it does the job. (If you follow my facebook, yes I have just copy and pasted this section LOL >___>;; I'm a little not with it to write a better description, I have a lack of concentration right now.)

Next are a couple of cheeky ones~ They were so cute, that even I was tempted to actually try and find them on the market and add to my collection XD Fairyland Realpuki Pupu and Soso~ But I must resist, I have waaaaaay too many dolls in my collection at the moment and I'm still wanting to get some more SD ones @____@ I am crazy hahaha! And to think that when I started after about 1-2 years I ended up with 5 solid dolls, and it stayed like that for a good 2 years, then I made more friends in the hobby and it kinda just exploded from there on out LOL! Plus I had a job as well >_____>;; After about 6 years and I have what? 23? 25 dolls? Hahahaha! And still growing, oops!

Next is a Ninodoll Momo~ The owner asked me to not make the teeth obvious, so I thought it would be good to cover the teeth, so I darkened it with some browns. However when I updated the owner she said it reminded her of something in Japanese culture, when someone's wife dies, they fill the mouth in with black, I can't remember why now though XDD And yeah after she said that it scared me XDD So even if she didn't ask me to remove it... I would have anyway LOL!

Final one for tonight huhuhu~
I got to work on a Delf Kid Yuz~ The only request for this one was, make him as good looking as the FF XIV characters XDD Much obliged~~