Ordoll Momo

I was recently asked to work on an Ordoll Momo~ The whole thing~
I was kinda happy when I was asked =3 these lil things are so damn cute! Like seriously~ I'd seen them around, and they're not really the type of dolls I would own myself, but happy to see one in person~~ I also really wanted to do a mini photoshoot of it, but didn't really have a clue on what or how @___@ when I do photoshoots I like having a sort of story behind it so that I know what type of photos I am looking for, although sometimes happy accidents happen for me and I get some really good shots and just work a story to it later~ Just to breathe that tiny bit of life into it XD So yeah~ I took a couple of random shots of Momo with Mew my Creaturesdoll Feldspathe~


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