Minimee and Azuma!

Update time~!!

Here is a Minimee Mel Gibson and an Ordoll Azuma~
Both are really interesting sculpts, so it was a lot of fun to work with~ They're a bit more on the realistic side, so was refreshing~ This has made me think about my commissions in general and whether I should move more towards doing more realistic face ups, I do enjoy them, and probably enjoy them a lot more XD because to me it feels like an absolutely achievement if I can make a doll look real and scare the hell out of myself >____>;; Yes I am very much afraid of dolls still LOL! I mean Mu Chan... I've given him a very realistic face up and in certain lighting when I look at him... Man I get so scared LOL So much that I have to put him down and walk away.

I almost forgot I also worked on a Fairyland Elf Soony~ It's actually a sculpt that I've been wanting to work on considering that at one point I owned a Miyu =D To me Miyu and Soony go hand in hand huhuhuhu! So yush~!! Here is also a picture of a Soony~ I actually did a really cool think with her eyeshadow... but then I did the line work and the cool blending I did kinda disappeared... which is a bit disappointing LOL! But in person you can still see it luckily, but yeah... unfortunately in this picture you can't see it.


  1. Well they ALL look pretty cool to me! You shouldn't be so critical of your beautiful work. :)


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