Irish Adventures - Day 1

Ok so a couple of weeks ago I went to Northern Ireland, my sister had recently taken on a job, so is based there for a bit (not sure if she will stay, but meh, that's her choice). I decided that I would visit her, with my Bro (no blood relation) and his real sister, in which my parents decided it was a good idea to also tag along. So it was a weird group of us LOL!. I'm gona try and do a day to day itinerary diary thing hahaha, but I kinda doubt that this would be of much help to anyone LOL!!

So we flew from Stansted Airport (about £40-50 per person return ticket to Belfast), my parents were only staying for 3 days, but I was staying for 4. We booked purple car park and drove ourselves down there, if you're not driving there is also the train or coach option as well as taxi option. But if you are driving yourselves down there, make sure you leave yourself well over 1 hrs time before your flight, cause when they say that the shuttle buses come every 15mins IT'S A DAMN LIE! so yeah make sure you time in a good half hour for that, cause the bus driver was also stalling time (-____-) was not impressed. But cause my parents got stopped at security that added more delay to us making our way to the gate, we almost missed our flight and I panic when it comes to time keeping. I have time keeping OCD issues hahaha.

The flight only took 1hr, so I got in a super quick nap LOL! No better way to make use of my time. My sister had her car whilst in Ireland, so she came to pick us up, but you can get a return ticket for the bus that takes you to City Center, it takes about 1:30 - 2hrs though, I however can not remember the price cause my Bro took the bus with his sister from the airport, he arrived much later in the evening.

So after arriving, we as a family (parents and sister) decided we wanted to go visit the Titanic Museum in Belfast, we got there really late. The Museum closes at 5PM, we got a bit lost whilst trying to make our way there, if you happen to be going from the Eastside Park and Ride carpark. Cut through the Titanic Quarter railway station, it is soooo much easier to go that way. We didn't know so ended up walking around ALL of the roundabouts, which was also dangerous for the most part, a lot didn't have proper crossings and or foot paths, WE LIVE THE DANGEROUS LIFE! 

But anyway we go to the museum at 10 to 4PM with only 1hr left to view everything, we felt a bit disappointed. But when we got to the counter, the lady there told us that at 4PM all tickets are half price as you will only have 1hr to go round and see EVERYTHING. So we kinda perked up, and was excited all over again LOL! 

There is actually a lot to see and take in at the Museum, although the museum is about the Titanic it was also very heavily based on how Harland and Wolff started, especially cause they were the company that built the Titanic.  I think my favourite part of the museum was the deciphered telegrams, it was interesting to see how they had reacted towards the emergency situation, and just for that moment you could almost understand just how helpless they would have felt. Also sorry for some of the blurry pictures, I didn't realise that my camera was on manual focus so I was just snapping at everything without thinking hahaha!

Now the outside of the museum was also really interesting, and if you managed to get to it on a good day, some amazing photoshoots could have been had~ It was a bit cloudy when I was there, so I made the most of it =P

My sister and me, my dad managed to capture a rainbow in this photo =O Amazing!

My parents, I wasn't so lucky as to capturing the rainbow T-T

Afterwards we ended the day with looking for a 'Peace wall / Peace Line'. My mother really wanted to see one, because she had read up about the history of Northern Ireland, and wanted to see the graffiti that were on them. We actually managed to find one down Bryson Road, which was part of the wall that divided Short Strand, but there was no graffiti. We almost missed it thinking it was just a general wall, until I pointed out the fact that it was too high to just be a normal wall. No pictures were taken because it was beginning to get dark and the area looked a bit dodgy so we thought, we've seen it, lets get outta here.

So there you go, Day 1 of adventures hahaha! Hopefully I will have Day 2 up soon for you guys to read, so until then!