Wednesday, 25 June 2014


Title inspired by Bastille (currently listening to their album) I got curious, Bulgolgi and Fee are to blame for this, however I am liking them XD Anyway, enough of what I'm listening to. Again I have missed the one month marker. I have been extremely busy, pushing out commissions as quickly as possible whilst keeping to the highest of quality that I can give. What I'm about to share isn't a lot? But it's taken time, and time isn't my best friend. Never has been. But I have also been doing some personal shoots, I got a bit carried away with my boys ho ho ho~!

So what's first? Lets see...

This first batch was lovely to work with, so here we have a Minifee Rheia, DIM Aria and a Granado Fayette. The Rheia was just a standard natural face up, the DIM had the fun challenge of a lace like design on the lips, I do not claim the idea, as this was inspired by other people whom had done it before me. I just remembered it and thought it was a nice touch, because the owner wanted something different for the lips, something that made them stand out because of how full they were, I also have to say, I absolutely love the lips on the DIM sculpts~ They're just so lush to work with hahaha~ Finally the Fayette, I rarely do animal based face ups, especially a deer. So this was different, I also did most of this face up with an airbrush, which I will tell you now was hard as anything. My airbrush was like, I MUST SPRAY EVERYWHERE AND EVERYTHING!!! LOL! Anyway I managed in the end, and I'm actually pretty proud with this face up, it's one of my nicest to day in my opinion~

This 2nd batch, I try to take pictures of the heads with eyes in because they look nicer, however the picture I have of the Migidoll Noel with the eyes in look terrible! There is so much gapping *cries* so I have stuck with the no eyes version instead, now this boy actually came to me with a face up, it wasn't the nicest of face ups... all in all it was pretty nasty especially when I was cleaning it out @_@ like the gunk that came out of the eyes... *shivers* I'm starting to sound like the cleaner dude from Black Books "Dirty." (sorry to those whom don't know Black Books, but if you get a chance watch it, there are so many laughs XDD) anyway so I cleaned him up and gave him a fresh look =D As for the little head Doll Leaves Fay, she'd chipped the sealant on her nose. I tried to fix it whilst preserving the original face up, but again... I couldn't do it... there were dark pastel marks left here and there on the poor thing. It got to me and I had to clean it, of course I consulted the owner before I did it. But yeah... dirty dolls... noooooo.... XD

This third one is a Mystic Kids Francis, he's actually really sweet n_n just a simple face up with a few freckles, and despite it being simple, for some reason I really struggled with his eyebrows. Like literally... it took me a good 2 days to even get it right, I was having an eyebrow crisis hahahaha!! I got through it though with the help of my friends~

Right the fourth batch, this was I have to say A LOT OF FUN!!! Like the colours, I was sneezing rainbows hahahahaa! The face up itself is pastel based, I didn't feel I could get the same control with the airbrush, so stuck with what I knew best =D As for the wings~ I used an airbrush and got to test out my ability to blend colours whilst using a different medium~ I am so proud of the blend~ Especially on the wings, makes me almost not want to return them back to the owner MWUHAHAHAHA~!!! Nah I'm not that evil =3 But yush~ I also bought out my Micro lense for these wings~ The details I did on them @_@ it really adds to it. Oh before I forget the head and the wings belong to Soom Dune~ The hands and feet belong to a erm... I think Dollzone MSD girl body =P I forgot HAHAHAHA~ Anyway, I am thankful that this person came to me for this commission, I have yet a many rainbows to paint XD

That's it on the commission front, I still have 2 batches left to do before I start to take in the next lot of commissions, I have obviously taken on way more work then I can really take on. I feel bad for turning people away, but like I know if I can or can't take it. I will have to put my foot down, coming closer to Christmas I will have to shorten the slots as I want to enjoy my holidays, and to also do Christmas cards again. I missed last year because of the passing of my Grandfather, but it's ok. Enough of the sads!

Let's move onto more of my own personal shots~!! I did a few shoots, there isn't much to explain really hahaha I'll be brief as most of it is just sexy underwear in bed shots >_>;;

Onai~ This boy got his own body and a new wig =3 He's looking so cute, I went to got him some jeans and when they arrived I was a bit like... I kinda like you in the shorts you've been in lately XD I'm gona try him in the jeans anyway but hahaha~! He so cute (= 3 =)

Ok so this shoot has Koit, Fen and Onai. Koit and Fen come from the same storyline, but Onai is from a completely different storyline XD technically speaking they shouldn't even be together in the first place. But hey! I don't really care XD I just wanted pictures of Koit being master XD well... not quite but you get the point >_>;;

And one final image~ I had two new boys come into me recently~ They're not both mine =3

The NS boy is Wyatt (belongs to me) the WS boy is Bastion (belongs to my friend Asher AKA Face), they're not twins either, brothers with I think 3-4yrs difference Wyatt is the older one =3 They both have a really sad past (T ^ T) but I'll save that for when I've actually worked on them @_@ which I hope will be soon~ I just gotta clear all this commissions and favours and yeah... I have so much of my own to work through as well XDD I'm such a bad owner XD my dolls are probs calling me the bad human LOL!

Tuesday, 6 May 2014


Title borrowed from 2NE1's song LOL! Just cause~

Anyway! I failed to keep my promise, so here I am! Trying to keep it, LOL! I was gona say I don't have much to report, but actually I have loads to share. This might get a bit lengthy I don't know, so shall I share all my pictures first and go along as the events seem to happen in my head? I think I will.

So what's first...

Ah I sorta remember, had to check my Flickr hahaha [it reminds me of the events]. So some may know, some may not, probably more of the not know hahahaha~ But I recently did a trade with Knibitz~ I met her through a friend, and we were chatting away. Then this trade struck up, she wanted to sell some dolls, but I didn't have the funds and said that I have a Miyu that needs selling, and if she wanted I would be happy to trade her if she was happy to trade me in return of course. Luckily she said yes =3 oh the happies hah~ She also wanted me to work on the girl for her, so I did~ She discussed her ideas with me and showed me references and off to work I went~

It was all Alice in Wonderland themed~ To be honest I thought that the teacups were going to be the hardest, they turned out to be the easy part. The Cheshire Cat was the most difficult tattoo of the three. More because I can't draw animals very well TT ^ TT but luckily it turned out alright? The cat is a bit on the derpy side, but Knibitz was ok with it and said that it made it really cute XDD Anyway, so what did I get in return? I got a Supia Roda =3 which I will need to work on XD so no pictures, but but but Knibitz sent me a load of sweeties too~ Which I still haven't finished lol! She sent me a whole box of salt water taffy and they are tasties~  Oh and a funny story, I got this Miyu in a trade with someone from America, I sent them my Dollshe Saint and got this girl in return. The Saint arrived within the week, Miyu? She took two weeks. So doing this trade Knibitz did me the UK equivalent of shipping, and said it should take a week. The Miyu arrives back into the USA within a week, Roda? Took two weeks to come to me XDD Same thing happened LOL! It was funny to me [shrugs].

Anyway so what's next? Oh Berlioz is next~ Right so I've had Berlioz for a year now? He wasn't a doll I wanted, nor a doll I had gone and bought. Due to certain circumstances he got landed on me, but because of the fact that I didn't desire him to begin with he was stuck in a box. Which yes is my bad, I should have sold him or gave him back to the person who "gave" him to me. But instead I kept him in a box, unloved. Well I finally decided it was time to do something with him, gave him a new face up, did him a new wig and took some photos~

People will probably recognise his tattoo, yes it is Hane's work~ He also used to belong to her too, but her work is absolutely beautiful and it is such a shame that her work isn't on display very often. She needs way more exposure~ I'd love to actually get her to maybe do a customised tattoo for me on someone else in my crew, cause she is just amazing~ But yeah I need to get some clothes for his guy, I was thinking a Yukata cause I'm a bit wary of damaging that beautiful tattoo, but I will need to get funds first XD overspent already hahahaha ¬_¬;;

Ah now is for some exciting news~ I got an airbrush which broke... XDD I used it for a month or so and it broke, the compressor started to leak air pressure, so I'm getting a replacement =< which will hopefully get here on Wednesday or Thursday whooo~ But I'm also trying to save up for a better airbrush gun, need to sorta do my research and look around, but by the looks of things majority of people use Iwata which is pricy @_@ and I like... yeah... [empties pockets and only flies appear] ehehehehe... yeah... need to start saving again.

But yush!! I worked on some heads for my friends =D Elfdoll Emma and a pair of Unoa L-bi twins that also got a manicure by moi~ Kehehehe~ I actually tried to airbrush the manicure... did not work in my favour and I got frustrated so just went back to pastel blushing hahahaha~

I did some experimenting with scaring on the Elfdoll Emma, because my friend didn't want fresh scars she wanted old scars so I had to sorta figure out a good colour to use for old scars, I'm still working on it, but I think this lot came out alright =D The twins are adorbs~ I have seen them complete with their bodies again and they are just such a playful pair =3

Moving back to airbrush, I did some fantasy parts for my friend using it~ And I will tell you now, it makes a heck of a difference. Pastel blushing fantasy parts is just such a long process, so I clap my hands to anyone who actually sits and pastel blushes fantasy parts. I sincerely applaud you. But yes, airbrushing makes things a lot easier, although it's a bit hard to control at first... I had to redo it so many times LOL! It's all in the name of learning I say!

I'm so proud of these~ it's like a total achievement on my part XDD my friend really likes the work too~ She will be getting her Soom Glot back this coming Saturday =3 whilst I will be fed handsomely with thanksgiving sandwiches OM NOM NOM NOM NOM~

Lastly I have been planning a load of characters with my dear friend Asher~ We have created these two brothers which we will be shelling very soon, I won't spoil the surprise just yet. [I just remembered my last post about a secret doll, I will get to that in a bit] Their names are Wyatt and Bastion, no last name as of yet, but we will get to that part fairly soon. We have worked together on their back story, it has been so much fun, I think this has been the most fun I've had with creating characters with friends. Like I have never done so much creative character planning for so long it's refreshing, we bounce ideas off of each other which is really nice. The scenerios we have in our heads, and just the amount of potential photostories~ IMMA EXPLODE!! I've also recently ordered their bodies, cause I have their heads =P So I'm just waiting on a shipping notice, which is sorta killing me TT ^ TT I WANNA TAKE PHOTOS!! I WANNA PLAY!! Oh and I won't be owning both the brothers, I own Wyatt and Asher owns Bastion. But they're both coming to me first =3 I GET TO PLAY FIRST XDD But yeah I don't even have clothes and the likes for Wyatt... it will just have to be naked shoots MWUHAHAHAHA I'm sure you guys won't mind~ I've also decided to give Wyatt the soom jointed hands I have sitting around, the colour match is gona be awful XD I don't care I just wanna use erm~

I repainted the hands~ I wasn't too sure if they would turn out alright because there was no way I was going to un-string them LOL! But! They turned out just fine and the lil freckles~ Wyatt will only have freckles on his hands and no where else~ I've had that idea for a while now Mwuhahahaha~! These were pastel blushed, I did try my hand are airbrushing a face up though~ Decided to use my Merrydoll Fang for that, yes it's another head I've had for a while =x for about 6-7 months. I have a lot of heads alright?! XDD

This lil fella was not going to be a completed, he was literally gona be a head for my beautiful sculpts collection. However I did the most stupid thing, put him on a body and gave him a wig and some eyes. WOULD YOU LOOK AT HOW CUTE HE IS?! The wig is way too big hence the beanie hat XD but that just makes him look way cuter. I also blame Asher! She made me do it! HAHAHA~! He is now part of Wyatt and Bastion's story, has a name now, and even his very own body *sighs* instead of stealing Nakai's. This lil fella is called Onai [Means wolf in Tamil] I don't have a last name for him yet, kinda working on that one, and it will probably take a while before it comes to me, but his story is complicated with the brothers. The brothers are complicated!

I'm gona side track and mention the secret doll in my last post, I was going to shell a drawn character, but that idea has fallen out the window lol! I did an order with Switch and even bought some heads from the MP so now I have quite a few Switch heads. The character I was going to shell was Khaine, he's one of my long term drawn ones, and I don't usually shell drawn characters. Why? Because I'm really picky, I would be too frustrated at how my drawings don't look like the doll or the fact that the doll doesn't look like my drawings. It would never work, so I'm kinda glad that has fallen out of the window, and also because I'm enjoying Wyatt and Bastion way too much right now =3 as well as Onai~ I really do look forward to taking more pictures of these lot~ THE FUN IS JUST ABOUT TO BEGIN~!