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Irish Adventures - Day 3

So day 3 wasn't really planned, I for one didn't plan it, I left all this to my Bro and my Sis... who literally did all the planning the night before... the type of planning I couldn't deal with personally hahaha! I don't mind spontaneous, but not this.

Anyway, what was the plan Stan?

Because those two numpties got a taste of the 10 doors, they decided that we were going to do a tour of the doors. Which BTW isn't offered as an official tour, so you will need to do your own research and get around to each door in your own way. If you do plan on doing this, I would suggest you hire a car, and do it over 2 days, staying overnight at one of the mid-way points, because I can tell you this now. You will not complete this all in one day, and I wouldn't recommend you to do so either. The roads are dark in N.Ireland, there aren't many street lights so driving can be a bit scary in the dark, especially if you don't know the roads very well. I would class myself a…

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