Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Here It Is

Oh I completely forgot that I hadn't posted the pictures I took of my gang on here. Opps my bad kekekeke... Anyway the long awaited gang =D

My little uns' Toki and Ranke

My big uns' Xeren, Recco and Mito

 Last but not least my sister's boy Narvin

I will hopefully soon update their profiles, as they are in need of an update, I just need to think of what to write. I was so big on writing their background stories, but they seem to change so often that I don't really think that I can write them now. I think I will just do basic information =D Simple is the way forward!!

Tuesday, 28 September 2010


Man, it's been ages since I last did anything dollie related. So today was actually quite productive for me dollie wise, I ended up doing two face-ups which have been in the planning for the past few months. 

Top : Narvin - Crobidoll Nia
Bottom : NoName - Dream Of Doll Krill
And a bonus picture of me being silly =D

EDIT 05062011:
Didn't want to put this as a new post so I have shoved this here XD
If you're seeing this then yer, not part of the original post, just a doll meme

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Fresh Air

It's been a while since I last bought my dollies out, I didn't even update when I had Ranke's faceup done. Just shows how busy/lazy I've been =P 

Anyway it's not really fresh air, but hey it beats being stuck in a box, I should really bring out the other two but I think I will leave that for Tuesday, hang on I said other two but I meant three, opps kekekekeke. But then again Toki is still bald so he's waiting for a wig before he comes into the sight of a camera.

So here you have it, Lil Ranke =D 

All done with his face up, I was planning on taking this lil Kiddo with me to Hong Kong, but I just can't bring myself to take him with me. Why? 
Well I won't really have time to take him out and take pictures, and although I was originally planning to go to Dollism 5 this year in Hong Kong, I decided not to go in the end.
I forgot which it is, but either it's the Book Convention or the Anime Convention that is on the same day, so either way books are more important to me then going to the doll convention, specifically manga books and art books @_@ I can't resist, and must not overdo the buying this year.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Ranke Renewal

Hey Hey!!

I don't know how up to date I have kept you guys, but I'll just repeat myself if I've already said this.
Recently [I say recently but more or less 2 months ago] I sold off my DOI Luke, whom was my first character Ranke. But despite a very lovely boy, very pretty and sweet looking, he was just too big for me to handle. So I sold him off, now because he was my first ever character created in doll form I felt a bit bad for de-shelling him. So in return I got the boy a new shell =D 

A Soom MD Appini.
He is just so uber cutes =3
He has kitty paws for hands and feet, but I will only be keeping the hand paws cause I ain't a fan of the feet, instead I will be replacing them with the Soom Gargoyle feets =D He also has ears too which I'm waiting for one to dry as I type this, needed some glue action on them kekekeke and he has a tail too, despite not being sure of the tail at first I think I will be keeping it now.

When I first bought this Kiddo I wasn't too sure about his face, there was something about it that kinda bugged me, so I was scared that I wouldn't like it and therefore wouldn't bond. But that isn't a problem anymore, cause the face is just adorable. I'm looking forward to working on him soon, and I have decided that it best to make him into an Ethopian Wolf cause of all the red, although those Wolves aren't really like red red, they are the closest and they look like foxes too n_n

But yer this Kiddo will defo be a keeper kekekeke I will work on him sometime this week-ish, probs Tuesday seeing as I will be free that day =D 
One last picture for my stalkers.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Doll Meet 16/05/2010

It was such a lovely day today for the doll meet, even though it had looked like it was threatening to rain, but I'm just glad that the weather held out for us n_n Just gona post a few shots that I liked.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Toki Has A Face!!

The title says it all =D 
Lil Toki has a face kekekekekeke.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Toki's Here =D

The title Says it all n_n my lovely birdie birdie is home =D just to prove it I have a picture kekekekeke

I will be working on the boy this weekend. 
But yes it is a Soom MD Ai, I couldn't get my hands on a Yrie/Alk. It was really hard to find one so yer, instead I settled for a hybrid version, but I'm happy with the Ai head =D it's uber cute!

Ranke - 14/05/2010 - Saved

“Now come on Rems,John had started, you're already at the top of the Slave Trade business. Give us small fries a break.”
Rems had Smirked and walked over towards John, as soon as he was close enough he had grabbed John by the collar.

“What makes you think that I'm at the top?,” Rems had started, “to you I may be, but to that government system I'm not. I'm merely at the bottom. I'm not at the top until those bastard rats are eliminated, but guess what? They're never gona be eliminated, why? Because there are losers like you that keep loosing their slaves to them.”

John was in slight shock, he wasn't expecting Rems to be that close up to him. In fact this was the first time that he had seen Rems up close, his green eyes held no emotion.

“Oh,” Rems had started again, “it's Rems to my friends, but Mr. Rems to you.”

John had nodded vigorously, Rems had let go of the man who had now stepped back a little to recollect himself. Suddenly a tutting noise could be heard, Rems had turned immediately towards the sound, he noticed that the two animas were missing and his men were out cold.

“Now now Rems.” A voice had said from the shadows, thats no way to treat your underlings.”

“How nice of you join us Yuke.” Rems had snarled, “well it seems like you have good timing as usual.”

Yuke had stepped out from the shadows, the man was standing tall with a katana in hand. His grey eyes had shone bright like the moon in the dark, two more pairs of eyes had shown themselves in the dark. Rems had gathered that they were his younger twin brothers, Alex and Jiro.

“I see, your whole family is here.” Rems had bowed as he spoke, “I feel honoured that you're all here to greet me. But unfortunately, I must take my leave now.”

Yuke knowing what was to happen next had ran forwards, but just as he had gotten close a smoke bomb had erupted with a spark causing him to shield his eyes. He had snarled at the fact that Rems had gotten away again, whilst containing his anger he had turned to the twins.

“How are they?”
“The girl is fine, but the boy is losing a lot of blood.Alex had responded.
“We should take them to go see Coden, he'll patch them up.” Jiro said playfully.

Ranke had felt a stinging pain across his chest, as he was starting to stir he could hear a murmur of voices.

“...leave the boy to me.”
“How could I?”
“You don't trust me?”
“Mirim, I know what you're like. He's under my care, now go tend to your own patients.”
“But he's so ca-wute...please?”
“I said no. Now leave!
“Ok, ok, ok, no need to shout. Hunny bun I'm coming!”

Ranke had opened his eyes to find a man sighing, he didn't look too pleased, but had gone back to looking at his clipboard. As Ranke had made a notion to move, the man's attention was directed at him.

“Oh you're awake, now don't move too much. Or you'll burst your stitches, but how do you feel?”

How do I feel? Ranke had thought, sore. That was one way to describe it, but instead of voicing his opinion he had kept quiet. Instead he had looked around, he could tell he was at some hospital type place, but yet he wasn't sure. Suddenly it had hit him, the cat girl where was she? Just before Ranke could make a move to get up the man had placed a hand on his shoulder and gently pushed him back into his bed.

“You don't need to worry about her, she's fine.”

He had then pointed to a bed that was diagonal to Ranke's bed, there on top of it was the cat girl. Ranke felt slightly relieved, but now had wondered how the guy knew what he was thinking.

“I can hear people's thoughts, oh let me introduce myself before I forget. My name is Coden, and your name is?”

Coden had waited but there was no response, he had frowned slightly and looked back down at his chart whilst flicking through it.

“Now this is weird, it says here that your vocals are fine, so you can't possibly be a mute.”

Ranke had looked away again, I'm not a mute, I just don't like to speak. What's the point when there is no one to listen to you anyway.

Ah I see.” Coden had responded, at least let me know what you are called, I can't keep calling you boy.”

Ranke Murada

Thank you Ranke.” Coden said as he scribbled it down. “now just rest here, it'll take you a few days for those wounds to heal. It takes longer for a half breed like you.”

How did you know I was a half breed?

Thats because we have several half breeds here, someone will come explain everything to you once you are better, but as said for now just rest and concentrate on getting yourself healed.”

Once Coden had finished checking Ranke's board, he had replaced it at the end of his bed and wondered off to help other patients that were in the room. Ranke really had no choice now but to lie down and rest, there wasn't anything he could now.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Almost Complete


I got Recco's head back this morning from my housemate after she put some scar on my boy's face, and he looks awesome. Although I feel really sorry for him, but his look is almost there, now all I'm missing is the god damn bunny ears. Which will hopefully arrive tomorrow, although I wouldn't hold my breath.
I have the feeling that Parcel Force will be receiving another phone call from me. . .


Sunday, 2 May 2010


Ok so I don't usually update this often, but hey I have an update so why not?

So I haven't really had much time recently with the whole animation and all, but I managed to get some time today to work on Recco, although technically I think it was more to do with the fact that I didn't really want to work on my animation today. 

Instead I redid this buys face up, he needed a more evil look to him, and I have to say, it didn't come out the best but it is the darkest face up I have ever done out of all the ones that I have ever done, it was fun and a good experience.

Excuse the fact that he doesn't have eyes, he's currently gone to my housemate to have his scars installed =D and then his face will be complete YAY!

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Commission #3

Rightio it was a small one I did today =D there wasn't much done to this boy and I have realised I have really shitty pictures of his face up so yer. . . bad Jatzu. I should steady my hand a lot more, but yer just a front on one and one to show the MSC bubbles cause I'm very heavy handed on MSC which I need to learn to control D= 

LeekeWorld Chouette Owned by Shibito

Saturday, 17 April 2010


Hey guys n_n I have a semi BJD update for you all.

Some of you will know that I'm currently selling my big DOI Luke who used to be Ranke, but no worries I'm bringing him back =D but this post isn't about him, it's more about the twins that I bought home thinking that they would be his younger brothers. However I've had bonding issues, and was considering in whether to sell the twins or not as well. . . but I didn't want to, so instead I decided to re-design them.

So first up is Secco who used to Calcifer n_n he's my lil cute girly bunny boy =D thumbs up for the girly boys n_n but yer it's almost complete just missing bunny ears, as for his older twin brother Recco, he will take a fair bit more work to re-design so for now Secco is just gona have to be lonely and wait for the return of his older brother.

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Ranke - 07/03/2010 - That Is Mine

After five hours of wondering the streets, Ranke had decided to wander down the back alley streets. He was certain that he could find somewhere to take shelter for the night, as he turned off into the alley, the atmosphere had started to slowly change. From a rich lively atmosphere, it had turned stale. Quickly Ranke had found a spot to sit in, it was pretty empty in the area that he found himself, he had made sure that he was away from people, as he wasn't too sure himself on what kinds of things that could happen to him. Coming down to the back alleys wasn't the best of ideas, but there was no where else he could go.

The night had brought with it a cold breeze, Ranke had no way of keeping himself warm. He had wrapped his arms round himself in attempt to stop the heat from escaping, as he was starting to slowly drift off Ranke heard foot steps which was followed by a rather loud smashing noise. Unable to sleep, he had gotten curious to what was going on. So he followed the sound, keeping out of sight he had peaked past a corned to only find a man towering over a woman.

"So you thought you could escape?" The man had asked tauntingly. "ANSWER ME!"

Now the man had grabbed the women by the hair and lifted her up.

"Whats up? Cat got your tongue?!"

More laughter could be heard coming from behind the man as he had spoken, Ranke without a doubt knew who and what he was. A slave trader, the government had passed down an agreement allowing slave traders to hunt and capture any Anima that didn't have a master. And by the looks of things the woman was of Cat Anima Heritage.

"If you don't behave lil girl you'll end up with a nasty scar on your face just like Terry over there."

A tall scarred man had wagged his long thin fingers at the girl, in response she had hissed at him and had even clawed at the man that was grabbing her hair. As she had managed to scratch the man he had quickly retracted his arm and swore, he then took out a short sword and was preparing to slash it at the girl. Ranke had at that point ran out and threw himself at the man, landing hard onto the floor the man had growled. Ranke on the other hand had stood up quickly, grabbed the girl by the hand and pulled her behind him running in the direction he had come from. To his surprise he had ran straight into the sword of another slave trader, the new slave trader had bought his sword down on him without warning.

Ranke had crumpled to the floor, causing the cat girl to scream.

"Kid are you alright?!"

The new slave trader had stepped out from the shadows, he was now wiping the blood from his sword.

"How pathetic." He had snarled, "Now you'll have to thank me for this John. I think I'll be taking these kids with me."

"Now come on, I need to earn a living too you know. At least take the dying one and give me back the cat. Afterall I did catch her first."

"Tch! I do your job for you and you still try to bargain with me, what am I ever to do with you John?"

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Commission #2

I never posted this one up, I got another commission like a month ago. Nothing much to really say about this one, cause what had happened was that on the factory face up they had blushed him so much he ended up with a very thin looking nose. Anyway I know the owner so she offered for me to do this for her =D

Dollzone Wing - Owned by Suvifay

This is the original factory face up, in my photo it doesn't show much of the blushing but he was really over blushed with red.

 This is the faceup I did for this boy, I need to improve on drawing eyebrows, I need to be a bit more daring and do thicker eyebrows. . . but no matter what I do I always end up doing thin ones. . .  
Anyhow Suvifay was happy with the face up despite the fact that he had a few dust specks on him, she didn't mind so much so it was alright n_n

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Sisterly Love

I did Xeren's face up last night, I was mainly experimenting with her face seeing as I hadn't done a female's face before, so I used quite a bit of reference for it and just taking the bits I like and putting it onto her face.


So she looked alright after this, but there was one thing bugging me and that was the eyebrows, I have absolutely nothing against ginger people, it's just that it didn't go with her hair so yer, I took the face off this morning and gave her a new one. 

I prefer this face up to the one before, I also remembered to add the freckles, and some beauty marks which kinda matches with Fauna's face up, and whilst I'm on the subject of Fauna, I managed to snag the girl from Panda to reference the markings and taking the opportunity I managed to do a photo shoot with them and I had fairly decent lighting so YAY! The first time in many days that I've managed to get lighting correctly for photos lately. So here are the photos!








Saturday, 27 February 2010

Look Who Else Got Bodies

Both my twins received their bodies a few days ago and they are looking so cute, in the image it shows not such a great resin match but when you look at it you can't really tell by eye. So yer... 


Oh and yer they're a bit topless at the moment, I will make them t-shirts when I have the time n_n
Alyex [Left] and Calcifer [Right] are my Crobidoll Yeon Ho Twins n_n If you're interested they're on DIM minimee bodies, which are pretty nice, I really like their hands, despite the fact that their bodies are a bit annoying at times, like with standing and sitting, but I can get used to it.

I also received my first girl yesterday

Everybody, meet Xeren, she's a Zaoll Muse.
She also happens to be Mito's other half, well they ain't married but I thought they could be a couple, and they look so sweet together. But man she is light petite well not really petite, but she's a really nice handful to have, and not only that I really like how her body is shaped, I'm a perv for curvy bodies and hips and legs and I also like the fact that her dare I say it breasts aren't huge. She is like perfect in body shape and figure.

But all this has had a downside on me ;_; I'm starting to not like Ranke's size, at times I don't like it at times I don't mind it, I think I will sell his body and make him a bit smaller, I mean he's the only big boy I have being at 70cm. I don't regret getting a 70cm for my first doll, it was a nice experience and all but now that I've had the taste of smaller dolls, my boys are 60cm and Xeren is 50cm I think... but yer I think I'd prefer to have a slightly smaller boy, I could never sell his head, that is the one thing I bonded with the most. But yer the body in which I plan to give him is if I can get my hands on one, a DOT new body type 2, but if I get impatient enough I will settle for just the DOT new body. Ranke is definitely one that I could never sell.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Doll Meet 19/02/2010

Just a few pictures from the main Inspire Doll Meet we had on Friday, it was pretty fun and my new boy Mito was able to attend his first meet and on the day he was complete n_n the boy also got restrung cause he was a bit loose =D But yush onto the pictures.

Jin meets Mito

If my mind remembers correctly this pretty guy is called Seek

 Mito and Tristan

These two were very cute

For me?

Oooo this isn't good, I think we have a little one whose curious about the cigarette

 This guy is so photogenic 

I think this guy is called Echo... 

Someone seems a bit shy here

Three boys together looking all pretty =D

This made me LOL so much, Ranke looks all professional, everyone said he looked like a professor. This has tempted me into thinking about getting him some glasses.

The owner of the glasses Jin

And one final image, it seems like Jin isn't taking a liking to Ranke, but I think thats also because he's stolen his shorts and was forced to wear Ranke's PJ bottoms =D