Saturday, 27 February 2010

Look Who Else Got Bodies

Both my twins received their bodies a few days ago and they are looking so cute, in the image it shows not such a great resin match but when you look at it you can't really tell by eye. So yer... 


Oh and yer they're a bit topless at the moment, I will make them t-shirts when I have the time n_n
Alyex [Left] and Calcifer [Right] are my Crobidoll Yeon Ho Twins n_n If you're interested they're on DIM minimee bodies, which are pretty nice, I really like their hands, despite the fact that their bodies are a bit annoying at times, like with standing and sitting, but I can get used to it.

I also received my first girl yesterday

Everybody, meet Xeren, she's a Zaoll Muse.
She also happens to be Mito's other half, well they ain't married but I thought they could be a couple, and they look so sweet together. But man she is light petite well not really petite, but she's a really nice handful to have, and not only that I really like how her body is shaped, I'm a perv for curvy bodies and hips and legs and I also like the fact that her dare I say it breasts aren't huge. She is like perfect in body shape and figure.

But all this has had a downside on me ;_; I'm starting to not like Ranke's size, at times I don't like it at times I don't mind it, I think I will sell his body and make him a bit smaller, I mean he's the only big boy I have being at 70cm. I don't regret getting a 70cm for my first doll, it was a nice experience and all but now that I've had the taste of smaller dolls, my boys are 60cm and Xeren is 50cm I think... but yer I think I'd prefer to have a slightly smaller boy, I could never sell his head, that is the one thing I bonded with the most. But yer the body in which I plan to give him is if I can get my hands on one, a DOT new body type 2, but if I get impatient enough I will settle for just the DOT new body. Ranke is definitely one that I could never sell.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Doll Meet 19/02/2010

Just a few pictures from the main Inspire Doll Meet we had on Friday, it was pretty fun and my new boy Mito was able to attend his first meet and on the day he was complete n_n the boy also got restrung cause he was a bit loose =D But yush onto the pictures.

Jin meets Mito

If my mind remembers correctly this pretty guy is called Seek

 Mito and Tristan

These two were very cute

For me?

Oooo this isn't good, I think we have a little one whose curious about the cigarette

 This guy is so photogenic 

I think this guy is called Echo... 

Someone seems a bit shy here

Three boys together looking all pretty =D

This made me LOL so much, Ranke looks all professional, everyone said he looked like a professor. This has tempted me into thinking about getting him some glasses.

The owner of the glasses Jin

And one final image, it seems like Jin isn't taking a liking to Ranke, but I think thats also because he's stolen his shorts and was forced to wear Ranke's PJ bottoms =D

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Lean In

Mini update as I'm also considering to update Ranke's story, I plonked Ranke next to Mito and look what happened.

They were leaning towards each other, I thought it was uber cute. Another funny thing about this is that their characters are best friends, Mito is one of Ranke's most trusted friends n_n I have yet to develop Mito's character a bit more. I will get there eventually =D

Friday, 19 February 2010

I Got It First

I received 1/3 of my bodies, and to save me the hassle of choosing between the twins I decided to give it to this guy first =D

Everyone Meet Mito n_n

I had bad lighting so had to improvise with my lamp light which resulted in extreme lighting and I haven't quite gotten the grasp of this kind of photography just yet... but Enjoy!

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Ranke - 17/02/2010 - To Be?

Ranke had looked down at the letter that was in his hand, he didn't really know what to make of it. It was only 10 minutes ago that he was told that his father had cut the funds to support him at the orphanage, which resulted in them kicking him out.

"Ranke your father has stopped the funds to look after you within this orphanage,"

Ranke stared blankly at Ceril, she wasn't too sure on if the boy had understood her but she carried on.

"The orphanage has no choice but to have you leave, you are also forbidden from seeing your brothers before you leave."

Her last sentence seemed to have gotten a reaction out of the boy, he had sat up paying more attention, his facial expression had asked why.

"This is a request from your Father, even though he has put you into this orphanage, he still holds guardian rights to you. And even if he didn't, your Father is after-all a high councilor withing the syndicate, there is no one who would stand up against his words."

Ceril had stood and walked over to the boy, she had carefully taken a letter out from her pocket and handed it to Ranke, as the boy had taken it from her, she had placed her hand on his shoulder.

"Your Father told me to give this to you, he has told you to forget about the twins and to concentrate on your life. This will be the last favour he does for you, make the most of it."

That was the last conversation that Ranke had received from Ceril before he was politely taken out of the orphanage by guards, this was as he suspected the doing of his Father to prevent him from seeing his brothers. So now he was sat on the streets with only a few things to his name next to him, he had to find a way to get his brothers back, but what could a 16 year old boy do? There wasn't any possible way for him to look after two 10 year olds by himself, sure it was fine at the orphanage, but outside where he didn't even have a penny to his name, how in the world would he manage? However the answer to what he was to do next was in his hand, he had looked down at it. The letter his Father had left him, it didn't have loving and caring words, instead it was just the time, date and place of where he needed to be in order to get the job of a tea boy. He had shrugged to himself, it was somewhere to start, but looking again at the date, he realised that he wasn't due til two days later.

Leaning back and sighing to himself, he was certain now that his Father was set out to make his life miserable, or more like his step mother was set out to make his life miserable. But oh well, there wasn't much he could do about it, he wasn't exactly in any position to retaliate. Leaning forward again, Ranke had sighed once more before getting up off the ground. Well seeing as he had time to kill he decided to wonder about the city to see what was about, and to also look for a possible bed for the next two nights.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Ok, thought I should warn all you that follow my blog, I've been itching to RP lately and well I don't really want to go onto sites and RP cause it means that people will be waiting on me to respond and I just don't have that much leisure time to do that. So instead I've decided to write up the stories of my BJD characters, I will make up things as I go and my writing is rather crap =D so be prepared to to read a load of it if you're interested.

Oh and another thing I will label the BJD stories so that they pop up on the side, so if you want to read a specific character's story then all you have to do is click on their name on the side and tadaaa, you have their story n_n, sometimes I will interlink the dolls, so stories may jump around a bit. I will try not to do that too often. If I find that it gets a bit too messy then I'll only label them as whoever it is most important to =D

One final note, my bodies are in the UK YAY! They will arrive soon and there will be pictures and updated profiles hopefully. I need to make t-shirts for them once they arrive, seeing as I thought, "Why buy them when I can make them?" So yush, hopefully there will be a massive photo update soon!

Monday, 1 February 2010

Commission #1

Yush! I was commissioned to do a doll face up, so yer I thought I should post some updates and some not so much a step by step thing, but just the different stages that I had done. Also my first ever commission n_n and I was paid too even though I was offering free ones, the owner was lovely to work for =D

Souldoll Lev - Owned by Santinian

This is how he arrived to me, Santinian had gotten super glue on her boy's face whilst trying to stick an eyelash back on, she she tried to get it off with acetone nail varnish remover, which is a no no because it can melt away the resin. But she was lucky that it didn't do that and instead it had only tinted that area blue.

It's not very visible in this photo, but if you look a bit closer you can see the blue tint around the eye area.

This is the photo of the doll with changed eyebrows, Santinian wanted her boy to have dark blonde eyebrows I originally had given him thin orangy brown ones, but I changed them to her liking, thicker and dark blonde =D

And the final product n_n he's borrowing some eyes and Sil's wig and hat hehehe, but yush I sent him back home today, so hopefully she will love him even more after seeing him in person =D