Sunday, 30 October 2011

Blushed Hands

A few days ago I decided that I wanted to wire the arms of my dolls, cause they weren't posing very well. So I got me some wire XD I should have done like a mini tutorial for it, but I didn't think about it until now DX, it's really simple really hahaha
I was planning on wiring both the arms on one bit of wire, but that turned out to be pretty impossible, especially in Xeren the Zaoll Muse. So in the end I just used two bits of wires for her arms, and she poses really nicely. Her arms hold in place and it just makes her that extra more loveable. I also wired Mito's arms, the souldoll double. Yes, you're probably saying, "But isn't that body like a dream to pose already?" Yes he is a dream to pose already, but the problem I have with him is his new string... it makes he's arms flick back up a lot which is a sign that they're strung too tightly, however, it's the tightness that I like, so in order to stop it from flicking I wired his arms as well.

So after wiring them up, there wasn't much else for me to do. I then remembered that recently I had wanted the Soom jointed hands, THEY ARE LUSH~!! But I'll see if I have the money to buy them when they do their special orders again, Recco and Mito will need some in my opinion XD Also Recco will need a new body first (Yer... I recently sold his DIM body, I'm on the hunt for a Luts SDF Type 2 body). But anyway I saw all these lovely blushed hands and reckoned that if I did get my hands on a pair of the jointed hands I would want to blush them. So I practiced on Xeren's hands XD

I have to admit they were a lot of fun, and this time with the help of a tutorial and a bit more patience they turned out a lot better then when I first attempted it on the DOI Luke I had a year ago XD. But the lesson I learnt here was that I need to work on blushing the joints on top of the hand, they look ok and not so ok hahahaha, maybe the blending needs a bit more work. But either way I personally think they came out alright and I will be blushing Mito's hands next.

And I will leave you with a photo of Xeren enjoying the fact that she has now got colourful nails~

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Commission #9


Here as you can see I had another commission~ I equal happy seeing as I got to work on a...

I was worried that I would mix the dolls up, however it was alright cause this one is white skin. I have worked on white skin before, however they were my own personal collection, and not much was done to them. They got really simple face-ups. I find that white skin is really nice to work with, but it gets dirty really easily hahaha and all the base colours have to be light, you also have to work really carefully with the build up of the colours. Too much and it will look not so very nice.

However I have to say thank you to Miguelina, she had planned on me working on her boy quite a while back, it was after I had worked on her Yuri boy n_n so it's really nice to get a return customer. She pretty much gave me reference and didn't want something that was too overpowering due to the fact that he was white skin, so I worked to it.
Yes... I planned on trying to do a step by step, I remembered it once, and then I totally forgot after I took one picture of a semi base -sigh- I will eventually remember to do a step by step of the face-up. I used to do livestreaming of me doing face-ups but I only do them if people really want to watch them hahaha~ After doing the first base I realised how scarey he looks XD the boy looks like an ill person hahaha, I suppose it would be a really good look if it's what you're going for. I think at one point I really liked that kinda look on the Ryu a really pale ill look, I might do that on a new doll I plan to get, but lets get back to the face-up.

 Yes I ended up going right ahead and finished it without the stages XD I worked so much on it hahaha.
So this was a pretty heavy face-up, well it's not like heavy heavy, the red kinda subtracts from the browns, I was actually using Hayden Hiritai's boy as reference, I fell in love with her Ryu when I first saw him and made me want one myself. So yer~ he doll inspires a lot of people I have to say.

After showing Miguelina what I had done, she then asked me to darken the areas around his eyes, which was fine cause it didn't really take much. Just extra blushing n_n

I was given the a-ok so I sealed him up, added some gloss and even put some eyes I had into him to take a few pictures hehehe, another thing that is irrelevant to the face-up I really like blue eyes n_n I'm also a big fan of glass eyes XD

Monday, 17 October 2011

Commission #8

And I am back in action~

So a while before I quit my job I was asked by SofieB* if I was free to do a face-up for her boy, and so I said yes but she'd had to wait until after 15th Oct, the day I was quitting. However she was fine with it and said that she would wait. Now it's the 17th Oct and I have completed a face-up on her boy. 

You see I was going to do a stage by stage one again, but I totally forgot XD I took a picture of when the doll was blank and then just worked on it and... well I ended up just finishing it and being all like er... I totally forgot hahaha. Anyhow I have pictures for you gaze upon n_n

This was initially the final thing, and then I remembered my signature moles hahaha just had to add them in XD

 A tattoo was also part of the commission and SofieB wanted some stars running down the side of the boys face which kinda curled around the ear, my stars are a little wonky -looks around innocently- the small ones were hard to draw but he bigger ones were easier to work with, but a mixture obviously looks better hahaha. Hard work paid off n_n

And some final images of the boy with his eyes in plus gloss n_n