Saturday, 13 June 2015

Flowery Centaur

Lol title is a bit literal XD but it's ok~
But as the title suggests I got to work on a centaur =D A Luts Bory Centaur =3 it was actually quite big, I mean yeah it's a centaur of course it's supposed to be big, and it was only the Kid Delf size as well @____@ so imagine the day I get to work on a full on SD centaur LOL!!

Any who this was quite a cute and pretty commission =D neutral face up with flowers on one side, and flowers on the the horse body where the owner had marked out the placement for me on paper =D It was nice to work with flowers~ I'm not a great flower drawer/artist XD I don't really study plants enough to really say I'm good at them, I'm so-so? XD So here are the pictures~