Wednesday, 25 November 2015


Oh man I am so ill right now ;;______;; I can't work on commissions in this state, so instead I bring you an update.

I worked on my first vinyl doll~ A modded DDH01 girl~ She's very different to working on resin sculpts, it's a little bit harder, and I applaud the people who actually work on them full time, because unlike resin dolls, you don't have to really define the eyes, this has already been done for you. But with DDs wow... you really have to work the eyes, and if you do it wrong, it just looks awful. So it was a good challenge, I wasn't really too sure how I was going to do it, but I kinda just got down and did it LOL!

I had a lil sealing accident with this one, when the head arrived back to the owner, I think due to the mix of sealants it turned sticky... which was not good. The owner ended up wiping it and sending her back to me for a redo, I changed the sealant, and decided to work on it with no dilution. I usually dilute the sealant as it's too thick for my airbrush to handle, which means it gets clogged up really easily. But luckily the no dilution worked better and went a lot smoother, but it's like a dust magnet because of the tooth it has ;;_______;; I just can't win eh?

Anyway so here is a picture of the final product~

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Kabuki and Karon

Update time =3 I have two for you because the last update I kinda got lazy =x I'm always lazy LOL!!! I'm just always so tired @_____@

Anyway so first up is a Dollzone Heavy Rain =D
This lil thing belongs to Penguin my friend~ We bought the lil creatures blank and I worked on her one and even sewed him a fur coat XD This was one of the hardest things I have ever sewn I tell you!!! But it turned out alright >____>;; There are loads of mistakes but thankfully the fluff hides it all LOL!!!

Next up is a Kdoll Karon~
This boy actually belonged to Penguin, and I wanted to see him XD but she decided to sell him. Funnily enough another friend Chi Cat bought him and decided to send him to me for a face up LOL! So I was like huhuhuhuhu you will be seen by me afterall~~

A personal update~~ I got in a Fifth Motif Venitu boy XDD When they first released I did like them, but I convinced myself that it was ok, and that I didn't need one. Then I saw all of the pictures about and the itch became stronger XDD I continued to deny myself it, even when they announced that they were discontinuing the doll, in the end I really gave in XDD I originally bought an Oriental skin boy, and then got a few in for commissions. But realised that maybe the resin tone was a bit too dark for what I wanted, and Asher was going to order one herself so I asked if she could order a Fresh skin boy and I would swap her. So that's what I did in the end =D And he has finally arrived n_______n~
Here is a pictures kukukuuk~

I have many ideas planned out for this boy, so he's gona be put towards my Christmas projects pile XDD I actually have a few other dolls to work on this Christmas, the list includes Aileendoll Winter Ashes, Aileendoll Pico, Dollzone Heavy Rain and this guy XDD Let's see if I can complete them =P