Sunday, 10 January 2016

Minimee and Azuma!

Update time~!!

Here is a Minimee Mel Gibson and an Ordoll Azuma~
Both are really interesting sculpts, so it was a lot of fun to work with~ They're a bit more on the realistic side, so was refreshing~ This has made me think about my commissions in general and whether I should move more towards doing more realistic face ups, I do enjoy them, and probably enjoy them a lot more XD because to me it feels like an absolutely achievement if I can make a doll look real and scare the hell out of myself >____>;; Yes I am very much afraid of dolls still LOL! I mean Mu Chan... I've given him a very realistic face up and in certain lighting when I look at him... Man I get so scared LOL So much that I have to put him down and walk away.

I almost forgot I also worked on a Fairyland Elf Soony~ It's actually a sculpt that I've been wanting to work on considering that at one point I owned a Miyu =D To me Miyu and Soony go hand in hand huhuhuhu! So yush~!! Here is also a picture of a Soony~ I actually did a really cool think with her eyeshadow... but then I did the line work and the cool blending I did kinda disappeared... which is a bit disappointing LOL! But in person you can still see it luckily, but yeah... unfortunately in this picture you can't see it.